Which will DIE first Facebook or Twitter?

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I saw a video from @chrispirillo on Youtube where a viewer asked Chris whether Facebook or Twitter will die first? His respond to that question was that Facebook will die first. The reason to that was

1)    Complexity

In Chris’s opinion, he feels that Twitter is much simpler compared to Facebook.  Twitter, in his opinion, is simpler with 140 characters and Twitter keeps it simple for reasons such as simplicity is sometimes more successful. Therefore it will last longer than Facebook.

2)    Rules

Chris also mentioned that Facebook is larger and more people have Facebook compared to Twitter. That means Facebook has complex rules (perhaps one would be that Facebook is asking for your number and address .. yes WTF)  So in Chris’s opinion, the one that might possibly fall first is Facebook due to backlash  etc.

Of course it’s hard to really guess which will die first, but if were to pick one I might pick Twitter despite my devotion and love to it. (Remind me to send a valentines card to Twitter : P)

Why do I say Facebook will still rule?

1)    Community

We all want to be part of a community. I personally feel that the ability to build a much closer community on Facebook is better compared to Twitter. The huge downfall on Twitter might be its simplicity. Because, when more people join and follow others, the stream will be too cluttered and news will be harder to get out. I feel that twitter needs to do something to address this problem soon. Facebook knew of this problem so they recently added a feature to view recent feeds based on wall post, photos, fan pages etc.

Moreover when we like a page on Facebook, we’re a part of a community whether we choose to participate or not.

2)    More People

Facebook has more people using it, roughly 600 million users are on Facebook compared to Twitter which has an estimate of 200 million users. This means that even if Facebook were to lose 50% of their people, there will still be 300 million users. Still more compared to twitter.

3)    Closer relationship

I use Facebook to connect with my friends. Facebook allows me to view their photos, and get a more personal update compared to Twitter. I try to add as many people as I can on my Facebook, and if you want to add me, feel free to do so. How often can we view hundreds of our friends’ photos on Twitter?  (not that I view all of them :P)

4)    Simplicity doesn’t always rule… innovation does

I don’t feel that simplicity will rule or is the core to all success. Of course not in technology, in the technology industry, there is a need to constantly upgrade or to add new features that people will want. Look at Myspace or Friendster. They have failed to understand this and Facebook overtook them and nearly killed them (they are people still using it). Facebook is constantly adding more features because they understand it.

5)    People don’t get Twitter

One of the most frequent question I get from people on twitter or from friends is “I don’t know what to do on Twitter” A lot people seem to have this problem. The reason so is because some don’t really feel there is a need to connect or to network with new people or different people, so they prefer Facebook because that is where their friends are.

6)    Variety of things to do on Facebook

There are so many things we can do on Facebook such as

  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Connect with friends

Some of the things which might annoy us are actually FUN for others. Don’t you just hate to get an invite from Farmville? I know I do! But some takes Farmville very seriously.

Of course I still prefer twitter over Facebook, but if I were to pick one that might survive, then most probably Facebook will be the champion. Biggest reason is the amount of people using it.

What are your thoughts guys? Who will reign supreme over the other? Facebook or Twitter?

photo credits by Nannan Z.

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  • http://www.webguide4u.com Vivekec007

    Agree with you as many of them left twitter but one thing is clear if there is any breaking news then it will come first on twitter. Facebook is addictive and facebook apps + facebook games are time killers which engage you more, this makes facebook to rule more as compared to twitter

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  • http://www.amaanbali.tumblr.com amaanbali

    Nice post!!
    I don’t find any reason why one has to die if other has to live. I however beleive that with time twitter will definitely have an edge over facebook due to its simplicity and better connectivity. Facebook for some reasons is static, i mean just compare the timeline of your twitter account with the newsfeed of the facebook!! There simply is no growth on facebook, you tend to remain limited with your interests and finding people with similiar interests is like being a stalker on facebook, thankfully twitter allows this so easily.
    I dont think gaming and quiz and other applications are doing any good to facebook ecosystem, they are just creating noise and no signal. Definitely people are feeling fatigue on facebook so mayb these are good days for twitter. However saying this, i remain on my point that facebook wont die because of intelligent upgrades, everytime users feel like giving up. Period.

  • lynnbaber

    Twitter is a great platform for quickie info or hyperbole. The “news” reported in the Tweet is often the most ridiculous spin when compared to the actual article linked as evidence.

    Recent reports on the relative response between PR on Facebook and Twitter fall completely on the side of FB. You can’t follow discussions easily on Twitter.

    I’m with you Aaron, I spend far more time on FB than Twitter. 

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  • lili dauphin

    You’re right. They cannot be compared because they’re both valued according to the user’s requirement. But, I think Facebook followers may be more loyal. They don’t stop following you because you did not post in a day or two.

  • lili dauphin

    I love your analogy. Facebook is your House and Twitter your local bar. In a way, it does feel that way.

  • lili dauphin

    Only the future will tell. For now, let’s enjoy them both.

  • Doobenshnitz

    Twitter is brain-draining garbage, FaceBook will kill it. There’s nothing intellectual about it.

  • jx64

    I disagree. I’d say that Facebook will be the first to go, or at least I hope so. I think simplicity is very important. Of course innovation is important too, but it’s also important to make sure that any features you add are indeed features that people actually like, not just what the company likes. Microsoft learned from Windows 8 that most desktop users don’t like the “start menu”, and opted for a traditional start menu instead. I think desktop and tablet computing should be separate.
    I agree with Colin, I think Facebook has become too complicated, and I find Twitter much more efficient to use.