Demographic Of The 7 Hottest Social Media Sites [Infographic]

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Have anyone wondered how old is the average users of twitter or facebook? I have found a great infographic by FlowTown that has the answer to all the questions. One thing great about these demographics is that almost everyone can use it. Normal people to marketers, it is easy to understand.

According to PingDom the average age for social media sites are the following:

  • The average social network user is 37 years old.
  • LinkedIn, with its business focus, has a predictably high average user age; 44.
  • The average Twitter user is 39 years old.
  • The average Facebook user is 38 years old.
  • The average MySpace user is 31 years old.
  • Bebo has by far the youngest users, as witnessed earlier, with an average age of 28.

This is actually a big flow chart but I decided to cut it from easy viewing. Enjoy!

By Gender

By Age

By Income

By Education

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