30 days challenge to be a better YOU

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This blog is not dead yet… no, I should say I am pretty much here but I’ve not taken much time to blog after starting my internship as a social media consultant. I do have time after work, however the I took the time to relax instead after a long day at work

I also took some time after work to meet up with some amazing people after connecting with them on twitter. One of them is a founder of twofold, Singapore’s learning hub where people can learn different skills and do what they love such as DJ-ing, film making as twofold believes, you’ll be able to making a living doing what you love.

As I love sharing stories and my thoughts, I forgotten about how it felt like to sit down and just write. Despite writing not my strongest skill, one of my passion is sharing, because of that, it motivated me to share in a sense of writing and possibly in video form in the future.

So, rather than just starting to blog again, I thought why not start a 30 days challenge and do everything that I’ve been missing out since I started working. I miss flipping through a book, so I came up with 4 things which I plan to at do daily or start in 30 days.

#1: Blog 300-500 words daily (short and straight to the point).Blogging more helps me to improve my writing more.

#2: Exercise and do 100 push ups daily (as i am putting on weight)

#3: Read at least 15 pages of a book daily. I’ve @likeablemedia book to read and few more.

#4: Start and online business. I’ve registered the domain and plan to visit Thailand or China 2-3 weeks from now.

Those are mine though, I’ve started a small group on Facebook, where 18 people have joined the group and a few have already started to share things that they planned to achieve in the next 30 days or doing them daily from writing daily to improving their CGPA from 3.89 to 3.95. Amazing things to achieve in 30 days.However with the support of a community, its easier when someone is backing you up.

What about you? What do have you been putting off that you want to achieve in the next 30 days? You’re free to post them below or join our Facebook group.


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  • http://www.bufferapp.com Leo Widrich

    Aaron, glad to have you back!

    I just so love the way you blog, always personal and very easy to consume.

    Great point on blogging! I think it helps a lot to order my thoughts and find a good writing style, just like you.

    Thanks for a great example on staying and showing being human. In the Buffer it goes! :)

  • http://lighthouseinsights.in Prasant

    Good to see u blogging :D. well with my blog i am forgetting everything else like going to gym, playing squash, playing guitar and reading other books :)
    that could go into my list . by the way meeting people offline whom u know from twitter is cool. good luck for ur venture …

  • Aaron

    Thanks Leo,

    Great to have you here, been hearing so much about you on twitter. I always knew you guys were going to be huge! :)

    Thanks for the compliment too! Still learning and improving the way I write. Sometimes its too personal and not fitted in a the corporate world LoL! ..


  • Aaron

    Thanks Prasant,

    Indeed its an amazing experience, someone in our 30 days challenge group set up to meet a twitter follower weekly! Now that is amazing lol!

    Thank you for dropping by, do write down your list on going to the gym, playing squash etc


  • http://tech18.com Sunil Jain

    Hey bro :)
    Good to see you back to blogging and your challenges are good enough for you to be back as a Blogging Rockstar, which you already are and yet still more to come from you as a blogger 😀

    Happy Blogging & All the BEST :) #urock 😀

  • http://www.twofold.com.sg Nityanand

    Hey Aaron,

    Great to have you blogging again.

    I’ve joined your 30 days challenge. I think its a great idea and will really demonstrate what social proof can do when it comes to encouragement and group efforts.

    I can’t wait to see the end result, yet the journey is fun too.

    Great post!


  • http://theepicblog.com Phillip

    I must admit I have been neglecting my blog recently and been procrastinating a lot in these recent months! however I have a new energy and vigure after purchasing my new domain and writing a new eBook in a day (yesterday actually). I love your tip on writinf a 300-500 post every day. I was thinking about writing 10 post for the week starting on a Monday where 5 goto my blog and 5 guest posts. think thats what I will be doing for the near future! what do you think?
    Excellent post Aaron
    -Phillip Dews

  • Kevin

    I have never considered blogging before but after my internship this summer I’m considering making one, mainly to help my writing. Reading is probably the only thing I do consistently on this list. Also, I to can feel the added weight that I have put on this last school year and have neglected going to the gym as much as I should. What else have you been doing to shed some of your unwanted weight?

    But my internship has me dealing with a lot of blogs and I was wondering if you could check out http://www.mycareerschool.info/ and let me know your thoughts on the website?

  • michaelgass

    Thanks for sharing Aaron. I picked up some ideas from your list. In addition to my daily schedule I’ve outlined a I’m a manual for Fueling New Business Through Social Media and have a written plan to have this project completed over the next 6 months.

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