• http://www.bufferapp.com Leo Widrich

    Aaron, glad to have you back!

    I just so love the way you blog, always personal and very easy to consume.

    Great point on blogging! I think it helps a lot to order my thoughts and find a good writing style, just like you.

    Thanks for a great example on staying and showing being human. In the Buffer it goes! :)

  • http://lighthouseinsights.in Prasant

    Good to see u blogging :D. well with my blog i am forgetting everything else like going to gym, playing squash, playing guitar and reading other books :)
    that could go into my list . by the way meeting people offline whom u know from twitter is cool. good luck for ur venture …

  • Aaron

    Thanks Leo,

    Great to have you here, been hearing so much about you on twitter. I always knew you guys were going to be huge! :)

    Thanks for the compliment too! Still learning and improving the way I write. Sometimes its too personal and not fitted in a the corporate world LoL! ..


  • Aaron

    Thanks Prasant,

    Indeed its an amazing experience, someone in our 30 days challenge group set up to meet a twitter follower weekly! Now that is amazing lol!

    Thank you for dropping by, do write down your list on going to the gym, playing squash etc


  • http://tech18.com Sunil Jain

    Hey bro :)
    Good to see you back to blogging and your challenges are good enough for you to be back as a Blogging Rockstar, which you already are and yet still more to come from you as a blogger :D

    Happy Blogging & All the BEST :) #urock :D

  • http://www.twofold.com.sg Nityanand

    Hey Aaron,

    Great to have you blogging again.

    I’ve joined your 30 days challenge. I think its a great idea and will really demonstrate what social proof can do when it comes to encouragement and group efforts.

    I can’t wait to see the end result, yet the journey is fun too.

    Great post!


  • http://theepicblog.com Phillip

    I must admit I have been neglecting my blog recently and been procrastinating a lot in these recent months! however I have a new energy and vigure after purchasing my new domain and writing a new eBook in a day (yesterday actually). I love your tip on writinf a 300-500 post every day. I was thinking about writing 10 post for the week starting on a Monday where 5 goto my blog and 5 guest posts. think thats what I will be doing for the near future! what do you think?
    Excellent post Aaron
    -Phillip Dews

  • Kevin

    I have never considered blogging before but after my internship this summer I’m considering making one, mainly to help my writing. Reading is probably the only thing I do consistently on this list. Also, I to can feel the added weight that I have put on this last school year and have neglected going to the gym as much as I should. What else have you been doing to shed some of your unwanted weight?

    But my internship has me dealing with a lot of blogs and I was wondering if you could check out http://www.mycareerschool.info/ and let me know your thoughts on the website?

  • michaelgass

    Thanks for sharing Aaron. I picked up some ideas from your list. In addition to my daily schedule I’ve outlined a I’m a manual for Fueling New Business Through Social Media and have a written plan to have this project completed over the next 6 months.

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