Sunday Coffee: Thoughts on influence and social media scalability


Due to my exams, I was not able to complete any interviews yet, but we’ll have more in the coming weeks from founders of great startups to businesses who are doing extremely well in groupon or group buys. As for today, I plan to sit back, relax, and enjoy my cup of coffee alone in […]

Sunday Coffee: Willis Wee Co-Founder of Penn Olson


Welcome to another Sunday Coffee. Last week we had an amazing talk with Leon, co-founder of Bufferapp. Today we have another special guest with us, Willis Wee. Willis is the co-founder of Penn Olson, Asia’s fastest growing blog with over 600,000 page views a month covering web, mobile, as well as start-ups in Asia. Penn […]

Sunday Coffee: Leon Widrich from Bufferapp


Today we have familiar face on AskAaronlee. Leon has written two guest posts here, and is one of the co-founder of Buffer. Today I was able to sit down and have a cup of coffee with Leon…. virtually… to get to know him a little better for our very first Sunday Coffee. Enjoy! Aaron: Leon, […]

Brand New Weekly Segments Coming to


After many thoughts, I’ve decided to start two new segments on AskAaronLee that would be updated on a weekly basis. As of now, my blog posts are usually posted on random days and I usually decide to write a post when I find something interesting and want to share it with you. Due to my […]