This is not the way you should automate twitter


That is what Acura (or whoever is behind the account) about to learn as they “spammed” the wrong person, David Meerman Scott author of several marketing books like Real Time Marketing and PR. (great book and this is not an affilate link) Oh.. I think its going into his book in the future too. What happened? […]

Creative way to automate your twitter account for success


Remember the unspoken rule which says that you “shouldn’t automate your Twitter account”? We’ve all read that one before, but today I’d like to prove to you that you can actually automate your Twitter account…. with a little bit of creativity. For some reason my attention is always drawn towards how airlines are using social […]

Google Should Partner With Twitter Instead of Buying


Business insider wrote an article that Google should buy twitter a while ago. Although I think acquiring twitter will be a good move for Google, I doubt twitter would ever consider selling. In my opinion, partnering will be a better choice for Google. Although we understand the term “everyone has a price” I doubt twitter […]

Growing Your Business Presence on Twitter

8-21-2010 5-31-41 PM

I’ve been working with a client of to build their presence of twitter. They had a brand new twitter account set up and had a few strategies that really worked out well for them. In two weeks time we’ve build up a small interest of people who are currently following them and their blog. So […]

Businesses, Why Aren’t You Replying on Twitter?


Companies are still adopting social media. Some are adopting well while some aren’t … yet. I think some companies might take a while to adopt in this media. I’ve been spending more time on trying getting deals because I’ll be having my holidays soon and I want to book hotels and get great deals (I […]