Is Quora the biggest blogging innovation? No!


I recently stumbled upon one Robert Scoble's post about Quora being the biggest blogging innovation in 10 years, since he had been blogging for 10 years. If you ask me, I disagree with him completely. I think that Twitter is the best innovation in …well, let’s not give it a year, and say…since I came online. I have been blogging for a year now on Ask Aaron Lee, but I started blogging back in 2006. I even had a blog about coffee which I gave it up after 120 blog posts. Before twitter I wasn’t … [Read more...]

Quora: The Next Big Thing?


Why is everyone talking about Quora?  One reason is because a lot of people (even me) are flocking into Quora now, including Ashton Kutcher. (No signs of Justin Bieber yet)!  At the moment, Quora has roughly 200,000 users signed up, however you will need an invitation to join. What is quora? On quora’s page its “a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it” .In short is a like a Q&A site, similar like yahoo answers and … [Read more...]