In the short term, QUANTITY BEATS QUALITY in social media


Yes, you read the title right. QUANTITY beats quality in social media hands down... at least for the short term. Before you crack your knuckles and get ready to go onto a brawl with me, telling me how wrong I am. Read on. We have all heard the phrase “Social Media is About Quality, Not Quantity.” I know that it’s better to have 1000 crazy fans who adore YOU rather than 10,000 followers who don’t give a crap about YOU. But let’s see, what do the two groups of people have in common … [Read more...]

10 Creative Examples of Facebook Brand Cover Photos

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This post was originally published on iStrategy Conference where I contribute on a weekly basis. Check their blog for more marketing tips from experts around the world.  Yup, we’ve talked about it. Facebook has finally turned all of our Facebook pages into the latest timeline format. If you have not read much about the timeline yet, I would recommend that you read some of our previous posts on this topic. One of them includes what you need to know about the cover. Furthermore, because the … [Read more...]

3 simple tips to increase engagement on your Facebook page

increase engagement facebook

Here is the hard truth…your customers don’t want to hear about your products 24/7. When you constantly talk about your products, people will simply ignore it. And when people continuously ignore it, guess what? Facebook edgeerank algorithm kicks in and your post won’t appear on the newsfeed. It may seem unfair that Facebook gets to do that to you, but in all seriousness, why should people listen to what is essentially a form of advertisement all the time?   Don’t worry! It’s … [Read more...]

Which will DIE first Facebook or Twitter?


I saw a video from @chrispirillo on Youtube where a viewer asked Chris whether Facebook or Twitter will die first? His respond to that question was that Facebook will die first. The reason to that was 1)    Complexity In Chris’s opinion, he feels that Twitter is much simpler compared to Facebook.  Twitter, in his opinion, is simpler with 140 characters and Twitter keeps it simple for reasons such as simplicity is sometimes more successful. Therefore it will last longer than Facebook. … [Read more...]

Facebook Reaches 600 Million Users


There had been a lot of questions going as to if Facebook has pass the 600 million users milestone yet.  Answer to that question, YES! Facebook passed the 600 million users mark in December 2010 (probably earlier). It was not announced publicly.  Maybe not to tech blogs like mashable, techcrunch or RWW, however, when I attended iStrategy Singapore in December, Blake Chandlee the VP & Commercial Director, EMEA, at Facebook announced at the seminar that Facebook has already surpassed 600 … [Read more...]