Things to do when you are having writer’s block in blogging

writers block

This is an amazing contribution by Jerry Low from WSHR, read more about him at the end of the post. Writer’s block sounds like some horrible disease, intestinal malfunction or prison cells filled with literary types…… yuck… And, for those who make a living by stringing together words to create something fresh and new, it is […]

3 Tips for Building Real Connections for a Successful Blog

blog relationshio

Many beginner bloggers are under the impression that it takes years to build real connections with your audience. This is simply not true. There are bloggers who were able to drive thousands of readers to their blogs within only three months.

Top 3 Lessons to Learn from Pro-Bloggers

lessons from professional bloggers

This is a guest post by Vivik Krishnan. Professional blogging has hit the internet industry in a big way. While some are only mulling about it as a career option, some have taken the plunge into blogging a  big way and making a living out of it. Anyone looking to become a professional blogger in the […]

Is Quora the biggest blogging innovation? No!


I recently stumbled upon one Robert Scoble’s post about Quora being the biggest blogging innovation in 10 years, since he had been blogging for 10 years. If you ask me, I disagree with him completely. I think that Twitter is the best innovation in …well, let’s not give it a year, and say…since I came […]

5 Reasons Not to Give Up Your Blog because of Twitter


Have you been neglecting your blog? Are you spending time on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter trying to “master” the way to make money and not spending time on your blog? Maybe someone told you that blog’s are dead and its time to bury it? @Markwschaefer wrote a blog post regarding this […]