How do you WOW your customers?


Recently I did small renovation on my entire room. I changed the flooring, curtains, window grill, and even changed my door because the old door had seen better days. Our guy who changed the door was great. He was not only friendly but extremely helpful as well when helping us to find the door that […]

33 ways to reward your customers


Last week I wrote a post on how you can humanize your social media presence. One of the methods that I recommended was rewarding your customers. Sophia.C commented and shared her thoughts that rewarding customers is tough because small businesses have a limited budget. True, you shouldn’t blow your budget. Little things means a lot […]

Adding the Personal Touch in Marketing


How would you like to receive a personal note when you check into the hotel or receive a gift and a personal note because you tweeted the hotel? That is what Four Seasons Hotel did.

How would you like to receive personal gifts from a company, because you tweeted something? That is what KLM did

Say GOODBYE to Celebrity Marketing and say hello to PEOPLE marketing


The DAWN of the social media marketing

Once upon a time, there was a distant; far away period on Earth where celebrities rule the planet with their faces plastered on posters, billboards, magazines, and last year …TWITTER! These celebrities were paid a huge amount of money in exchange for endorsements, and even to post sponsored tweets on Twitter. (Companies should have paid me… kidding)