Finding Balance & Getting My Life Back


Finding balance in your life? Want to get your life back? A few years ago, I applied a simple concept to optimize what I was doing daily. It was simply to do 5 little things each day to get me closer to my goals. Back then, that goal was to grow my network. So all I did daily for over a year was: … [Read more...]

Social Media Epic Fail Award 2012 … and the winner is….

oracle social

No matter how much you plan for something, things tend not to go according to plan. Today is all about having fun and gaining insights from some campaigns, tweets, and situations that went horribly wrong this year. After the laughs settle, the hope is that it will help all of us avoid similar situations for the coming year. You ready? Let’s count it down to our first ever Social Media Epic Fail Award 2012. … [Read more...]

How to: Find advertisers for your blog


How do you find advertisers for your blog? If you’ve been spending a lot of time on the web, I’m sure you’ve stumbled across Gary Vaynerchuk aka @GaryVee on Twitter. Gary is not only the founder of a VERY successful show on the web (Wine Library tv) but he is also the author of Crush It and Thank you Economy (one of my favourite books). If you’ve heard of him you’ll probably also know that he’ll buy the NY Jets one day! :) When I first saw him on Youtube, he immediately caught my attention. I … [Read more...]

How @ModCloth is dominating social media


One of my followers pointed me to ModCloth, an online women’s clothing and accessories company. ModCloth focuses on independent and vintage-inspired fashion founded by two sweethearts from their college dorm room. Since then I’ve had my eyes on them. ModCloth, in my opinion, ticks all the boxes as to what it truly means to be a social business and they are a great example for every brand to learn from. … [Read more...]

How to run a successful Twitter contest

binkd twitter contest app

A Twitter contest is a great way to not only generate buzz for your brand but also to grow your followers whom are interested in what you have to offer. A Twitter contest is pretty straight forward. Ideally, you get people to share tweets with their followers in return for a chance to win a prize. … [Read more...]