How to add yourself to your own Twitter lists (with pictures)

adding yourself to your own twitter lists

A few weeks ago, one of my Twitter followers asked me how he could add himself on his own list using Twitter's platform. Bad news first? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is you can’t do it on However, you can add yourself using a third party platform like HootSuite. Before you go on adding yourself to your own lists, first we have to understand why should even consider it. The simple answer to that question is exposure. … [Read more...]

How to: Build a Twitter Following with Twitter Lists

askaaronlee twitter list

Twitter can become a little overwhelming for those who have just got started. It is like having 100 radio stations switched on at the same time and catching bits of pieces of conversations here and there. One of the questions I get asked frequently is how do I manage or keep up with my Twitter stream? Some of these questions even come with questions such as if I am using a bot or have satffs managing my twitter account like Guy Kawasaki. All of them are false of course, and the answer … [Read more...]

How to find your first tweet sent on twitter

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I had so much going on recently I had to temporary abandon this little blog to prioritise on work that needed more focus. I’ll admit that I have not been spending much time here but things are about to change! I recently wrote a post on for Ian Cleary on the tools I used to grow an amazing community of 400,000 followers. If you hadn’t read it yet I recommend you head over to his blog to check it out. When I first started using Twitter, I had literally zero connections out the usual group … [Read more...]

How to handle negative comments on social media


I remember going through a meeting with a client and remembering that they didn’t want to be on social networking sites because they didn’t want to get negative comments or feedbacks. The thing is, whether or not your company is using social media, someone is talking about your brand on social networking sites like Yelp to review their experience with your brand. In case you’re wondering whether or not your brand should respond to this feedback, allow me to shed some light on these … [Read more...]