3 Innovative Social Media Campaigns on Pinterest

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By now you’ve probably heard a lot about Pinterest, (especially if you follow my blogs here!). Is it just hype? I’ll let you decide after showing you some of the recent Pinterest campaigns that caught my attention recently. Inspiration Day – Kotex Women Smoyz, an Israeli creative agency found a way to generate buzz on […]

Focus Friday: The importance of responding in social media

customers support us airways

In today’s focus Friday, we look at the importance of responding to tweets. Depending on the industry you’re in, some tweets require quicker or faster responds. According to eezeer, 85.9% of tweets to airlines are customer service related, therefore if you’re not responding, chances are you’re losing your customers TODAY. To support that, a report […]

Donate your unused twitter characters and help raise awareness

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It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend. Wait… who sang that again? Erm… Once again its Friday and we have another Focus Friday segment where we look at how businesses are using social media today. One that caught my attention was Ben and Jerry’s World Fair Trade […]

Focus Friday: Pretzel Crisps Personalizing an Experience


Today Focus Friday is on how Pretzel Crisps is using social media to connect with twitter users and bloggers. This experience was shared from a wonderful friend of mine, Jean aka @geekbabe that I’ve met on twitter, she actually blogged about her experience in her blog.

Focus Friday: Humanizing your restaurant to respond to bad reviews

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Today’s Focus Friday is dedicated to all the restaurantpreneurs (restaurant entrepreneurs) in the industry. This post was inspired by a tweet I had read a few days ago, Don Power from Sprout Social shared an interesting tweet from @FrankieJgrande about a bad restaurant review. In his tweet, Frankie wrote about the bad food and services […]