Snoop Dogg is the Doggfather of Social Media Experts

snoop dogg twitter

@SnoopDogg just got into my “celebrities that know the true value of Twitter” group. Not that I have a real group. I personally think not many people understand the true power of what social media can actually bring to them, unlike Alyssa Milano, Cory Booker, Aston Kutcher, etc.  Charlie Sheen is not in the group […]

Bill Gates The New King of Twitter

Bill gates twitter acccount

I bet most of you now know that Bill Gates (@billgates) is on twitter now. Only 24 hours since his first tweet Bill Gates has more than 200,000 followers! Question on everyone’s  mind is… is that really HIM or did he hire someone to tweet for him.

4 Reasons Why I Love Celebrities On Twitter


That is the most deceiving title I can use for a blog post. Why I say that? To be frank, I don’t love celebrities on twitter except @alyssa_milano (Actress.. duh)  and @corybrooker (Mayor). So why did i mention I love celebrities then?