• atiya

    How do I get my twitter back after I have deactivated it?

  • Thom

    this is what Twitter help says:

    When is a deactivated email address/username freed?

    The username and email address on a deactivated account is unavailable for use by another account for 30 days after deactivation of the original account.
    Once this 30 day period has passed, all information associated with the deactivated account will be permanently removed from Twitter and the email and username will be free for use by another account.

  • Bmwestb

    Hey man, how did you email them? I cannot find an email address anywhere. 

  • Traymel Doss

    shit is trash

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  • shy

    Please help me if how to deactivated my twitter account. I forgot my email & password. Please help.

    Thank you!

  • rachel

    Someone else went into my account and changed the password and deactivated it and it’s been more than 30 days how to you contact Twitter? Like is there an email or something? They should have something for cases like this