3 Tips for Building Real Connections for a Successful Blog

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Many beginner bloggers are under the impression that it takes years to build real connections with your audience.

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This is simply not true. There are bloggers who were able to drive thousands of readers to their blogs within only three months.

How? Well, many of them made the smart choice to interact with influential bloggers within their own niche or industry. Here are three tips to help you build the types of relationships that will help your blog succeed.

3 Tips for Building Real Connections Through Your Blog

These three simple tips will help you build a successful blog through relationships with influential bloggers:

1) Interact On Social Networks

You probably already know how valuable social networks are for sharing your content. But, do you understand the value of sharing the content of influential bloggers with your own audience? Many beginner bloggers fear retweeting and sharing content on a social level. They tend to worry about losing their audience to another site because they prefer the other blogger’s content instead.

However, in order to establish and maintain real relationships, you need to have fresh content published on your site consistently. This content doesn’t have to be your own. It just needs to be relevant to your industry, and bring value to your readers. Sharing valuable content published by influential bloggers gives your readers a different perspective on industry topics. It also tells your audience that you care more about proving them with resources of value than being the number one blog. They’ll appreciate this and keep coming back for more.

2) Interact with Comments

Whenever you find a blog relevant to your niche, you should interact with that blogger. If he/she is an influential blogger, you need to interact with them as much as you possibly can. Commenting is a very efficient way of engaging directly with influential bloggers, as well as their audiences. As long as your comments are relevant to the blog post, and thought-provoking, they will provide you with  forum. This forum gives you the ability to communicate with the blogger on a much deeper level than retweets, likes and shares. Soon, the audiences of these influential bloggers will also come to consider you an industry leader, and hop on over to your blog to continue reading what you have to share.

3) Publish Link Roundups

What is a link roundup? Generally, it’s just a list of links to relevant, thought-provoking posts that the blog owner wants to promote to their own audience. These link roundups increase your site rankings because they create valuable, relevant backlinks to your blog. Also, if the link roundup is posted by an influential blogger, many of their readers will visit your blog simply because they trust this blogger. As long as your content brings value to their lives, they will soon have the same real connections with you through your blog as well.

Author Bio: This content was created by Chad Goulde. Chad is a content marketing geek for The Blog Builders. Click here to learn more tips for building real connections for a successful blog.

Image credit: D Sharon Pruitt

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  • http://www.ricardobueno.com/ Ricardo Bueno

    I think commenting is a great way to carry a discussion and build relationships with other readers/writers. Bums me out though when you comment on something and the author never responds. So much for discussion.

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Hi Ricardo,

    I agree! sometimes before i leave a comment i actually check their previous post if they actually engages in the comment. I don’t like taking all the effort only to be talking to myself.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • http://www.visakanv.com/ Visakan Veerasamy

    Noticed this and just had to add on. Human interaction is so important!

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron Lee

    Right on!

  • http://twitter.com/PTheWyse Praverb

    I love the tips that Chad Goulde shares. The second tip is something that I have learned over time. Responding on the blog is direct communication with the blog owner. I think blog commenting is more important than retweeting because of the ability to extend the conversation. It also shows genuine interest to a specific topic.

    Thank you Chad!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/shy.rosenzweig Shy Rosenzweig

    Good ones. cheers!

  • http://twitter.com/azmainhossain Azmain Hossain

    A link round up is brilliant for blogs. I don’t know why more blogs don’t do it. It provides excellent material for your readers to check out and plus the bloggers you link to are usually touched that you included them and they reciprocate.

  • http://kameelvohra.com/ Kameel Vohra

    Yeah it really is quite disappointing when you write a comment and no-one (even the author) responds. Makes you wonder why you bothered investing the time. – I’m still impressed by the fact that Aaron seems to be able to respond to almost every comment.

  • Wayne Pyle

    I’m really interested in driving more readers to my blog YOU, LLC. Any other comments on ways people have done this besides commenting, list posts and social networking. I’ve found that having an authentic voice helps with writing epic posts, but I’m still trying to get more traffic. Thanks!

  • Sita Gabriel

    Link Roundups are pretty good. I’ve used them for a few times. I have to say, nice informative article.
    Commenting is the best thing a blogger can do to build connections.

    Thanks Aaron!

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