Birth of Foreign Language Trending Topics

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If you’ve been on twitter you’ll know what is trending topic is all about. Today I noticed new trending topics on twitter and it seems like its becoming a trend now.

Japanese trending topic was reported by @Muzachan where she wrote on her blog taking about the first japanese trending topic.

Today, Twitter got its first Trending Topic in Japanese!The trend lasted about 5 hours (between 11 and 16 GMT) and the message was

RTされた回数だけ腹筋!さぁ来い! translatable with “ I will do sit-ups as many times as this is retweeted! Come on!“.

Reason why it became a trending topic was because people are curious about it. Thus becoming a major conversation.

Meanwhile, as @Muzachan posted about this another language became a trending topic. This time it is not Japanese but Korean. Here is a screen shot of the trending topic.

This is what RT기다릴게 박재범 기다릴게 2PM means

screen shot from @Misselly28

Question is, will this become a daily or weekly trend? What do you think?

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