Best tip one can give you about social media

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Growing up, I wasn’t the most popular kid in school and I chose to be that way. I never felt the need to blend or fit in with the crowd. I never followed what people perceived to be ‘in’. I never tried to be someone else despite the negative perceptions I get from people about the friends I mixed with or what decisions I chose.


I trusted my instincts, made my own judgments, and it had helped me so much while growing up. Sure nothing goes according to plan always, but I learned to adapt. Ever since I was young, I learned to be true to myself and I was lucky I did that. After all, if I’m ONE IN A MILLION, there would be 7,000 people like me out there. 

I might otherwise have taken an alternative road that people perceive to be ‘better’. I wouldn’t have started using social media since some perceive it to be a waste of time. I wouldn’t have started a business online since people felt that a 9-5 job is better as it has security.

I’ve used the same approach on social media too. For over 3 years, I learned that the best way to use it is to be me and be like the person I am offline. I never felt the need to be someone else just to impress a group of people online.

Still, social media is about listening. And I listen all the time. I remember people telling me what to tweet, what photos to put as my avatar and how my blog should be structured. Some of them were really good advice and I listen to them – but I make my own decisions.

Recently, someone told me that I needed to be MORE SERIOUS and have a more serious and professional avatar on my social networking sites. I never felt the need to because that’s just not me.  If you know me, you’d know that I’m the total opposite of it.

A few years back, a couple of influencers unfollowed / un-friended me because they told me that I shouldn’t post ‘motivational’ stuff and should post more educational stuff instead. I never stopped doing it, because judging from my own experience, you’ll never know if someone needed to hear it and your post would actually help someone who is at their lowest point..

What am I trying to say?

I believe that there are many tips, tricks and lessons you can learn online or offline, but you shouldn’t give up yourself just to impress a group of people who prefers to be friends with who you’re not.

Just be YOU.

One of the best lessons I picked up was from Erika Napoletano is every successful brand or person is unpopular with a certain audience but it never stopped them from being successful.

I’ll leave you a quote that I got from her Tedxtalk.

“Being unpopular is about making decisions that honors the two most important audiences will ever have, the people will love for everything we are and everything we are not and ourselves.”


Photo credit: by Iguanasan (creative commons)

  • esta h. singer

    A W E S O M E post! Always so proud of you :))

  • Nick Allen

    You’re right Aaron. You can’t please all the people all the time :-)

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  • Pepper Blair

    Very good blog Aaron.

  • Kathy

    This is great, Aaron. I started thinking about myself and who I was in HS, and how I am as a person. We can’t please everyone, and we shouldn’t – not that we should stop listening or be a prideful prick. Trust our own instincts. A great rule – be yourself always, whether it’s your work philosophy or life philosophy.

  • Dave Gallant

    I love this post Aaron. This is why we’re friends on FB, because you are you and not was someone else tells you to be. Ironically, I had a similar upbringing as well. I did my own thing and never followed the crowd.

  • Sushil Krishna

    Awesome and very encouraging for me ..! i don’t find any more security in this 9 to 5 rather just avoidance of self (spirit,wish & things that i want to create and lead). of course this taste of growth is different for individuals. we need to indentify it for self and maintain it .. that leads to real joy and adventure … we all are looking for into life.

  • The Redhead

    Thank you so much, Aaron! It’s such a compliment that you took something from my TEDx talk that moved you. And in case anyone wants to watch the talk, they can here: Sending you a huge hug because YOU is always good enough :)

  • Lizzy

    I totally agree with you. I can tell when someone is writing using their own voice, so to speak. You should not have to be a conformist. I am with you 100% on that. Do your own thing. :)

  • Paris

    Thanks for sharing this great article Aaron. I look forward to more of your posts.

  • Creative Slave

    Great post especially when people in social media these days are obsessed with having everyone love them.

  • joy carpenter

    Right on, Aaron!

  • Ceddy Lopez

    I like this one! I for one couldn’t care less if people choose not to follow me just because I don’t even post anything educational, I mean, I don’t set a theme for my tweets, what you see reflects who I really am, it’s either you follow or you don’t. I always find your tweets educational (even though those influencers disagree). Keep that up! :)

  • michaelqtodd


  • TPP

    ” I never stopped doing it, because judging from my own experience, you’ll never know if someone needed to hear it and your post would actually help someone who is at their lowest point..”

    And how right you are. Thank you for this post. I don’t know you but I feel I should say this, I’m sincerely proud of you. I believe in all you’ve said simply because it’s true. Well done, and I wish you all the best and success in the world. Nice blog 😉


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  • A3 Medya

    Good ones. cheers!

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  • Ash

    I’m applying for an internship at Translation LLC, an advertising agency in NYC, and there’s a social media component to the application. It’s highly competitive and the person with the most engagement on their tweet to the agency automatically get’s an interview. Please check out my story, and if you like it maybe even RT it. I know your following and would greatly appreciate any help!