How to: Find out when is your best time to tweet on twitter

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This is one of my posts originally published on iStrategy Conference, for more original post, head to their blog.

Brands and businesses use Twitter to gain visibility, brand awareness, increase sales, and ultimately drive traffic to their blog or website.

To do this, brands must first think of how to make their tweets visible to their audience.

One important factor to consider when it comes to tweeting is timing. To increase the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of your articles or links, you need to be tweeting at the optimal time and not when people are asleep or having a busy day at work.

After doing some research to find out what is the best time to tweet, I want to share the results with you for FREE.

Are you ready?


Dan Zarrella, social media scientist at Hubspot.

Key findings from his science of social timing on Twitter were:

  • Best time to tweet for higher CTR: Noon & 6pm.
  • Best day to tweet: midweek and weekends


Meanwhile according to URL-shortening service’s research, their study showed a slight difference with the first. According to their research:

  • Best time to tweet: Afternoon (1-3pm EST)
  • Best day to tweet: Monday – Thursday

source: Raka Creative

Here is an interesting part, according to the first research, the best day to tweet is on midweek and weekends. But according to the second research, Twitter doesn’t work on weekends.


Although these are two great researches, what you should do is to conduct your own research to see what works best for YOU and your followers. You’ll need your own study to ensure that you’re tweets do not go to waste.

How do you do that? Here are a couple of FREE tools available online.

1. TweetWhen

TweetWhen by HubSpot is a tool that shows you the days and times for the most retweets (not CTR) per tweet.

According to my Twitter account:

The optimal time for me is at 1am (EST) (which is waaay off according to both studies) and 6pm (EST).

One reason for that is because I am from Asia and so do some of my followers, hence giving a slight difference in the result.

2. Tweriod

Tweriod gives you the best times to tweet according to you and your followers’ tweets. According to tweroid, my tweets gets most exposure when I tweet at 9pm and 12am as that is when my most followers are online. Comparing it with tweetwhen, the result was quite close.

Whats great with tweroid is you can use it with bufferapp. That way you can fully optimize your tweet timing. All you have to do is find out the best time to tweet with tweroid and then connect it to your buffer account and you’re set.

3. Timely is another tool you should try out, the tool measures your last 199 tweets and recommends four different hours that might help to optimize your tweets. If you use the tool, it will automatically schedules your tweet based on those hours. According my recommended hours for me to tweet was far off compared to tweetwhen and tweroid.

Other tools you can try is Social Bro, and I’ll let Ross outline his thoughts about using it in how to make you more awesome on twitter. (Recommended read)


You may notice that all the tools aren’t showing similar results. That is because every tool has different algorithms and methods to measure what they think is optimal tweeting.

Experiment yourself base on the tools that I’ve listed above. You can use both research as a guide and use a URL-shortener to find what is the optimal time for you to tweet. I found out tweriod works best for me.

After you have found your optimal time, use scheduling tools such as bufferapp to tweet according to those times. You should also still pop in to engage with your audience, but main contents should be published according to your optimal time.


As you look further down the line, the optimal times are also a great selling point for those of you who are looking to slip in a bit of advertising strategy either for your own brand or for those who are looking to advertise through you.

You should also remember that other important factors to achieve success on Twitter is the level of engagement and relationships that you have with your audience, therefore although the optimal times can definitely help improve the visibility of your tweets, it may not connect well with your audience if you have little or no engagement with them.

photo credit: by Kathy Cassidy