How to: Find advertisers for your blog

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How do you find advertisers for your blog? If you’ve been spending a lot of time on the web, I’m sure you’ve stumbled across Gary Vaynerchuk aka @GaryVee on Twitter. Gary is not only the founder of a VERY successful show on the web (Wine Library tv) but he is also the author of Crush It and Thank you Economy (one of my favourite books). If you’ve heard of him you’ll probably also know that he’ll buy the NY Jets one day! :)

When I first saw him on Youtube, he immediately caught my attention. I like how genuinely passionate he is, and not only is he exceptional in what he does, but his honesty meant that his gutsy attitude and personality might have made some people upset. But does he care? Nope. Not one bit.

Why am I talking about Gary?

Well, I stumbled onto a video where Gary teaches how to find advertisers for your website/blog.

In this video Gary teaches you how to find advertisers by going into Google, finding those who already advertise on Google Adwords, finding their phone numbers, and CALLING THEM.  Yeap, you heard that right. COLD-CALLING, there’s no avoiding it.

What’s great about this video is Gary does everything LIVE. You’ll see how he searches contents. You’ll see him calling the advertiser. You’ll see how he “sells himself”. Not everybody does that.

Here is the video

Of course you can still email them but I think calling is a great idea to show how serious you are compared to those crappy emails you get. (I get a couple of them weekly)

Not only does this work on advertisers, but you can use this to find sponsorships for Facebook / Twitter contests, find brands to collaborate with you on special projects, or even to promote your products.

What do you think? Do you have more successful ways to reach out to advertisers?

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  • Kristi Hines

    Along with reaching out, some bloggers miss out on the simplest way of getting advertisers: letting them know you offer advertising by adding an Advertise page in plain sight.  That way, when you don’t have time to go looking, you can let your blog do the work for you!

  • Aaron Lee

    Thank you for dropping by and commenting Kristi, indeed sometimes the simplest way of often missed. I think buysellads is a great way to help with that too. 

  • Luis O Maymí

    Gary strategy is brilliant, but it has one flaw, cold calling and “selling yourself” is awfully difficult.  In order to convince someone with a phone call you need to be an extremely good talker and persuasive speaker. Business owners most likely will not want to be called to be giving false promises. Why false promises? Because online there is some degree of uncertainty and business owners may have their caution alerts activated. Of course a good persuasive speaker can figure out a way to bypass this. After all is still a really brilliant strategy, but in my honest opinion not for everyone. 

  • Aaron Lee

    I get what you mean Luis, I am not a fan of cold-calling as I am not a smooth talker like Gary. Having said that, I think at one point, in order to be great at what we do, we all have to sell ourself (something i need to learn a LOT, i suck at selling myself) without giving false promises of course.  Moreover I don’t think Gary gave any false promises. 

  • Gold Poovan Devasagayam

    Thanks Aaron for this post. Today I’ve been consolidating my marketing/advertisement initiatives, reading and watching that video really pushed me to think outside my comfort zone. 

  • Aaron Lee

    So glad its able to make you think outside your confort zone! 


  • Anke

    thanks for sharing this. i have a different “problem”. I have a growing blog an have been approached by three companies already who wanted to advertise on my website and asked what my rates are – I don’t know what to say though. I have googled the topic extensively but nothing seems to apply. It’s all very vague and the essence of every article is “it depends”, which I am sure is true, but I need a number in the end! Can you point me to good resources for this purpose? thanks in advance!

  • Lu Mueller-Kaul

    LOL I get the point… but I’d never do it. I like sending emails. Not crappy ones… nice ones, the kind I like to get. I don’t answer my phone, and I hate talking to strangers on the phone.

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