• Rachel

    What happens to your followers when your account is suspended, when it is unsuspended, do you get them back?

  • so0h3!l

    im sry help me

  • so0h3il

    Dear twitter i noticed my account @$o0 got suspended , and i dont
    know why . i appreciate you if you can help me to restore my account.

  • so0h3il

    so0h3il • in 28 minutes

    Dear twitter i noticed my account @so0h3il got suspended , and i dont
    know why . i appreciate you if you can help me to restore my account.

  • ASHA


  • Timothy redgreen

    http://www.pestcontrolcharlotte.net got a suspension notice

  • Bally

    I joined twitter at the invitation of a business associate (mass blast), Several days later I took a look. Looked interesting – lots of social media types saying interesting things. Twitter suggested I follow them, I followed them – not all of them. Twitter then advised me I was suspended for being aggressive or being a bot or trying to get attention. WTF!

    Now I am told in a form letter they will restore my account provided I read the rules and don’t do the bad things I have been accused of doing (evidently some of the social media gurus didn’t like being followed – their ‘public tweets’ business discussions on social media may satisfy their guru images and vanity but actually seem to be private discussions so make really sure you don’t try to follow them – even if Twitter suggests you do.

    For legal reasons I cannot accept the twit judgment of the secret and anonymous committee court and will appeal since it appears they did not even read my letter detailed letter refuting each accusation. If I let their twit note informing me of their judgement to stand, I will be in a position of having to accept that I did whatever they accused me of – which I did not.

    Does anyone know of any people who work at Twit or are all actions performed by groupthink committees or by bots? I need a phone number to call pls.

    PS am I mistaken or is twitter more of an annoyance and a distraction that chews up peoples’ time or is it actually a real tool?

  • mr cool

    thank u so much i cant believe how much that helped just waiting for email now

  • jaycarizol

    I don’t get this at all. I created my account 5 days ago, followed about 300 companies, brands and people. Never personal messaged any of them. had 32 organic followers for my specific industry and had only 5 tweets that were not spam related by any means and was suspended. Seriously

  • jaycarizol

    No sooner had I wrote that then my account was restored with all my followers and brands and companies I follow.

  • Cassidy

    How much longer will my account be suspended…it’s been five days already.

  • Corey

    Hey folks, another possible reason for yours or my Twitter account on the “suspended” list is something called “Get More Followers Fast”, I actually may have followed this tweet NOT KNOWING that it violates Twitter’s following rules. DAMN! If only I’d known; anyway, I’m gonna wait it out for the weekend & see what happens. Only been on Twitter for 4 months, I’m following more than 600 other accounts, apparently that’s too rapid for someone who’s only been on for 4 months I guess. Anyways, lesson learned, I hope Twitter sees these, as I apologize sincerely & hope to see my Twitter page back up & running VERY soon, & all do my best to, uh, ‘behave’ this time 😉

  • Larry Lockee

    They suspended my account for being to aggressive in following people. Well I have just signed up for twitter two days before and twitter kept putting up these people that they recommend I should follow so I followed them and I also followed some that I wanted to follow that I knew. So if its that easy to get suspended on twitter then I guess I don’t need twitter. I just told them to cancel my account completely, I mean well I don’t really have to have twitter in my life its just not that important.

  • jerick pascua

    Hi My account was suspended today How long should i wait until my account unsuspended??

  • Farina

    please answer my question because im dying and i think ive got depression right now! Basically one time i logged into my twitter account and it didnt work. then i found out its suspended. i had no idea twitter had rules and i think its unfair when they suspend ur account when they dont tell you about their rules. So i then freaked out like hell! this happened 2 or 3 days ago btw. I have NO idea what i have done wrong. Most people apparently spam celebrities and get suspended but i havent done that! Maybe im guessing its because i do quite alot of shout outs which i dont know if thats the reason? But still its not violating is it? i follow back the people who follow me. that is literally it. i have emailed twitter 5 times begging them to give me my account and followers back. i think i would die if they didnt. omg do you think i will get my followers back if its for shout outs or…? please reply!!!! <3

  • Hey

    Hey I have been suspended 10 times in about 5 months and I haven’t even done anything wrong tries getting in contact with twitter they didn’t do anything I give up :-/

  • Kayla Hawley

    After your account gets unsuspended, your follower counts will return to normal. It wakes on average about an hour or more depending on how many followers you have. Your followers WILL be restored. Just be patient. Hope this helps! :) -Kayla

  • yeen

    heyy , my accounts was suspended , it has been almost 2 weeks. What was I do now ?

  • Freddy

    Hi Sissi, I just had the exact same problem. How long does the ban last for this case? Did you have to do something about it?

  • Luke’s Girlfriend

    So, earlier today my account got suspended. I sent them a ticket and everything. I got a message back saying that my account is currently not suspended. I don’t wanna lose that account, this famous person followed me and it takes forever for them to follow you. I felt so happy that I was crying, then today my account got suspended, which made me think I lost everything. I got my account suspended from spamming this guy to follow me, but he was doing a following spree. I just need it back!!

  • ruqiya_z@yahoo.com

    Same here omg my twitter got suspended for spamming my idol and he followed me and i was on cloud nine, then they suspended me!! Im so sad right now and i sent them like 5 tickets over the weekend and i dont think ill ever get it back considering the fact its my 4th time merely for spamming my idol, its not fair xP

  • ruqiya_z@yahoo.com

    I was spamming Beau btw!

  • Summer

    My account has been suspended for three days, and I really want it back! What do I do? I sent them a “ticket” about 10 times now. Literally. While it may seem like I’m annoying them, they keep sending me the same automated response and it doesn’t look like they’ll be corresponding to me any time soon. What do I do??

  • Black Jesus

    My account just got suspended i follow the steps & now what do i do? how long will it take for my twitter account to be restored?

  • moe

    when they return my account , they give me my followers ? or i start from the beginning ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/calonie.johnson Calonie Johnson

    Yeah. I got suspended because of defending my religion using mainly calm tones and NO cursing at all (since I know that stuff can get you reported and it isn’t nice, anyway). A bunch of nonbelievers harassed the heck out of me and used filthy language and were not suspended. They Tweeted as much as me and still were not suspended! Not fair. I blocked a lot of these people, so I know they didn’t have a chance before being blocked by me) noone spammed or reported me. I think it was foer the # of my Tweets, then. I even told many of them I’d report them if they did not stop. Being responsible. One girl still was mentionig (@) me after I warned AND blocked her. NOT FAIR. Twitter plays favorites (in a weird, indirect way) and does not play fair.
    Twitter needs to seriously check itself. They also need better rules and for the rules to be tighter because they let people get away with really nasty behavior. I mean, couple years back, I was able to get two accounts suspended for verbal abuse/harassment and that was extraordinary. With this incident, however, they are wrong. if they keep it up, they’ll be as wretched as Youtube. And you know THEY do not care about policing activities on Youtube at ALL. You report something and they always say they cannnot find the problem. I reported someone using the ‘n’ word, references to killing people and so on and they did NOTHING.

  • http://www.facebook.com/calonie.johnson Calonie Johnson

    Just wrong. They are wrong for that.

  • Cici

    Um I’ve been suspended for almost 2weeks

  • Chloe

    My account was suspended for ”aggressive following” and all I had to do was agree to some stuff then I got it back. I got suspended again for it and I’ve sent them a ticket but they haven’t replied. It’s been 2 days. :(

  • Carmeli

    Hi. My twitter has been suspended since yesterdey. I’s my first time. How long would it take ? My followers and following has been gone. I’m following all the twitter rules. What do I need to do?

  • Yana

    My account was suspended. How long should I wait until my account unsuspended?

  • Fucktwitter

    my second account is suspented and wtf twiiter.. its not helping , its not working and ive done nothing worng.. its not normal.. FUCKKKK

  • lonnie green

    my twitter acount got suspended

  • Upset Fan

    Same here. I just had my account suspended for 2 days now. Same reason. I decided to unfollow the people barely know.
    For how many days I need to suffer? This is so disappointing. I shouldn’t have used Twitter in the first place. Once I’m gonna get to the bottom of this, I’m gonna start using Facebook as my primary social media.

  • BiEbEr$wAg

    My account suspended i dont how it just said the same thing and im only 11 yrs old wtf

  • BiEbEr$wAg

    This my 1st suspended iff twiter

  • brooke

    i just got suspended cause i changed my name to harry styles and started following people (not even that many just like 10) and the girls i followed gor their panties in a twist and reported me. so how long do i have to wait after i reply to the twitter email before i get my account back?

  • Josh

    My account was suspended too! I sent a ticket and within 5 minutes Twitter responded to me. But my account is still suspended!

  • Hannah

    My Account was Suspended almost months i dont know y ? pls help me i really miss my twitter

  • Hannah

    My Account was Suspended almost 4 months pls. help me i miss my twitter

  • Cyr

    Hey, my account has been suspended. It has been almost 5days now. I already sent the ticket many times. But i don’t get any reply from them. How long should I wait until my account unsuspended? HELP! :(

  • lllll

    This is my 2nd suspension is it alright?

  • Khadija

    do you have to send a email to get your twitter back or can you just wait?

  • Khadija

    does your twitter come back eventually??

  • Bumblebee

    Oh, let me see, maybe it’s because you’re 11 for gods sake, and why the heck would you need twitter at that age anyway? You don’t even know how to write properly!

  • Jewell Margolis

    I got suspended last night, with no e mail telling me they were going to do it or why, how am I suppose to know what I did wrong? I read they can suspend your account if they think it has been hacked, but they weren’ around when I was hacked and had to get a new account, yet these porn bots and photos are allowed to have Twitter.

  • Alex

    I got suspended today. I don’t know why!? The only thing I can think of is that I unfollow we many people because they I followed me! How is that aggressive?! This is bullshit…

  • t(-_-t

    I see tons of abusive accounts tweeting abusive things, hateful things etc. I report them, nothing happens. But as soon as I reply to one tweet i get suspended? Really Twitter? Fuck you!

  • Anonymous

    Got suspended for following to many people at once…

  • Lalani

    Why should people get suspended for following to many people at once?