• http://www.facebook.com/susan.belej Susan Biermann Belej

    So frustrating. Suspended- again. I have no idea why. I don’t follow/unfollow, I’m not selling anything, etc. I do a ton of retweeting though, usually when I have to time to sit down for an hour or so it’s all retweets. Maybe they think I’m a bot? It seems every time I report someone for spamming I get suspended.

  • Alex Aries

    Are you able to gain your followers back if you get suspended?

  • Alex Aries

    That’s exactly what happened to me. I’m trying to find things out! :(

  • Saff

    My account has been suspended for 1 month already. Even the new account I have created they suspended it. I didn’t even posted yet nor followed anyone. PLEASE HELP ME!

  • @_safa_xx

    THIS WAS REALLY HELPFUL! They replied to me in 30 seconds! Thanks:)xx

  • Camille Graves Trangia

    Hey, my account was suspended. It has been almost 2weeks. I already sent the ticket and they reply but after I reply to their email, I don’t receive any email from twitter. How long should I wait until my account unsuspended?

  • Claire Corcoran

    thankyou for the help! hopefully it works xx

  • http://www.facebook.com/shawn.lenzin Shawn Lenzin

    Twitter is a joke & they think they are God. I’ve been suspended 3 times for replying. If the person doesn’t like your opinion they report you & you are suspended. No warning no explanation. MySpace will return & I can stop sucking up to these losers.

  • SunderlandKid

    i got suspended twice and was forced to create a new account instead. but I don’t want to do that all over again, but now it’s happened again and need help to get it back !!

  • @TBY__you

    my account is suspended. please help to be ulocked

  • Alexis

    im crying so hard ive had my account since forever and ive met so many amazing people will everything turn back to normal if i wait it just got suspended out of nowhere

  • nick

    my twitter account is suspended almost 5 days ..how to unsuspended ??

  • Tara :)

    I got suspended and I was the one receiving abuse lol so do u only need to be reportedby one person to be suspended

  • westendlanenw6

    Just got suspended. No reason nor explanation. No warning. Very poor customer service. I didn’t break any rules. I have appealed and don’t expect much. This will be good news to those Twitter bashers as it will make for alternatives.

  • nick angelo rambaud

    my twitter account is suspended almost 5 days ..how to unsuspended ??

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    I once created another account while suspended and the discovered that was against the rules. They permanently disabled it and it took longer for my suspension to be lifted. Bad idea.

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    No. A pack of people no doubt reported you. Twitter just is not handling false reports too well and is wrongfully suspending folks. What a mess

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    I have never get an explanation when my account is suspended and always have to guess what triggered the suspension when writing to them after it has happened. They always immediately respond and then they stop responding after I reply back and take a while to unsuspend my account. I think they always think I did something wrong but that is probably because I am now dealing with my fourth suspension. I think political opponents got me this time.

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    Yes. They usually restore your info after they unsuspend you.

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    Yeah,you probably shouldn’t that. It is most likely getting you falsely reported by a lot of bad guys. They are computer savvy and probably know who reports them or something. Blocking is safe to do though.

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    The bot probably attacked your account and made you look like a spammer or something. I block people but I never hit that spam button. It seems dangerous to do so.

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    I hope MySpace does come back because the trolls,bots,and false reporters are making a mess of Twitter.

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    Wow. That is crazy. Sounds like the trolls or false reporters immediately jumped you because you are new. I think they are trying to destroy Twitter by driving folks away from it and the site is unprepared to deal with them. I think the site should just relax the rules and go after spammers when it catches them itself. It should stop relying on people reporting since many of them are bad people.

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    They must have had it suspended for too long. How long were you suspended? Did you write to see if they’d restore your info? Update please.

  • Saira

    hey my account was suspended then it got unsespended and now I lost all my followers/people I’m following, what do I do ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kimberly.pabia Kimberly Ong Chance

    I got suspended 4 times, please help me. :( Is the twitter suspended acount reactivator that I saw on Youtube is real? What do you think? please answer :( Im badly needed :(

  • arielle

    what’s a ticket

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.toney1 Jeremy Toney

    My twitter account suspended for third time. How long and when will my account unsuspended and restored?

  • krystal

    dear twitter , my account has been suspended. how long will it take?

  • Sissi

    I’ve been suspended for a second time. The first was for “agressive following” so I got my account back and followed less “agressivly”
    How on earth are we supposed to make new friends on a so called “Social network” if the very act of doing so is considered as agressive.

    I think it’s unreasonable that they can suspend us without saying why
    One rule is not clear
    How do they define agressive?
    is it so many followa in one hour or so many in a day.
    What are the limits?
    How many people can I follow before I’m considered agressive?
    Can anyone please enlighten me?

  • mariana

    hey did u fix ur problem . please tell me ??

  • mariana

    but the give u ur account back later right?

  • Simi

    Those Delbuis and Ginger people never reply I really need my account back to promote my music but it got suspended I’ve actually done nothing wrong

  • Lucky Arora

    the same is happening with me. I got suspended again ….and this is 3rd when twitter did this to me even they are not responding my appeals. its been 7 days and dont know when they will restore my account or seems they are not in mood to do so.. why they are treating me like this while there was no aggressive following-unfollowing behavior or nothing i said that can call against the rule .. what to do now.. anyone can help??

  • miranda

    twitter suspended me and i have not gotten my followers back and i am not following anyone. this makes me want to curse out twitter and shut mine down. will i get them back?

  • mianda

    idk y i got suspended 4 agressive following. twitter is being an ass right now.

  • mirada

    twitter is fucked up right now. the whole site was hacked. makes me pissed off.

  • http://twitter.com/SirVonSnorts Monica

    I signed in and I’m just suspended and then I click “More info” but it doesn’t even tell me WHAT rule I violated, I’ve had that account for years and always did the same things, what happened NOW to change it? And how do they expect anyone to not violate any rules if they don’t tell you what rules you violated?

  • http://www.rightdenizen.com Nitsedy

    That’s EXACTLY what happened. People get upset at a political message, they block you so you can’t see what they’re doing, then they tell all their followers to report you. Boom. You’re suspended. Can happen in 30 seconds.

  • rodd

    so I just received the email, but I don’t know how to respond to it. How should I reply to there email back? I really need help!

  • nick angelo

    I replied to the twitter email but I don’t receive a reply even after 2
    days.. What else can I do? Is it possible for you to help me get back my
    account? Thank you.

  • amy

    When the account is no longer suspended do you gain all your followers back?

  • Leeds

    Absolute joke twitter suspended accounts that are highly important for a little girl with cancer!! Posters, flyers, leaflets have been made with that twitter name!! We need it back its highly important I’m disgusted

  • lola

    i got my account suspended and they cant deliver my message to the following WHYYYYYY !! please help me xx

  • milo

    My account got suspended yesterday and i chose a fake email for it. how can i get it back?? please help

  • http://twitter.com/MsRock4Ever Joyce Jeffries

    I was on Twitter for two years with NO problem, then “suddenly” Nov. 22 was suspended. Since then, I’ve been suspended FOUR MORE TIMES , total of FIVE times in 81 days. Created an alternative account Jan 22 and it was suspended within six days, restored, then suspended AGAIN on Feb. 5. I have not changed my behavior on Twitter from day one, (2 years ago).

    I don’t use profanity, I don’t solicit for sex, I don’t try to get mammoth # of followers, I ONLY follow those who are following me and/or who share my political and life views. I am being UNfairly targeted by RWNJs who only want to silence me because I tell the truth. I have people working on finding out who’s responsible for the malicious false reporting.

    However, there are people on Twitter making Death Threats to President Obama, but THEIR accounts don’t get suspended, even after I know two of my followers had reported two of them to Secret Service five days ago!

  • william

    Will i get my followers back ?

  • Ben

    I got suspended and I just joined twitter and didn’t tweet anything or anything else besides link my account to Facebook. What should I do?

  • Minerva

    My account is suspended because I’ve followed way to many people :( and Ginger and Delbius aren’t answering me :( please can you help me ? Suspended twitter : @Jonasfan123 and now using @13901472. I want the first one back :'(

  • Narinecrist

    My twitter got suspended after like 15hours of having it is it from having too many followers bcuz i followed i followed like 400ppl in like 2hours