• travisreins

    Hey, it says that my account has been suspended for less then a week now but i did fill out the ticket for twitter!!!!!

  • travisreins

    nope it has been a week since it happened to me which it is first time being twitter!!!

  • Anon

    My account was suspened A Hour Ago, i just senda ticket and bam its unsuspended ! :D I didn’t even have to wait 24 hours :’)

  • Anon

    My Account was suspended 2 Hours ago and then i searched on google how to unsuspend it? in all the sites i got is “make a ticket” so i did and after i sent it My account got unsuspended ! Didn’t even have to wait 24 or more days YAYYAY ;D

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Twitter unsuspend my twitter within 6 hours. Thanks for sharing such helpful post.

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  • K9-Preservation

    My account was suspended within a few days….do not know why nor did I get an explanation even though I asked for the details. I did not violate any behavior in my opinion. Anyway, I opened a ticket and my account was restored within 10 minutes. Do not be rude to those people making the decision to reinstate. I wrote a brief note and the account is now back. On the other hand, it does show that one does not have the right to speak freely….want to use twitter, be careful, I guess. I used no obscenities, no aggressive behavior and only have a few followers…. If it happens again and it might because I do not know what I did wrong, I will just stop using it and go back to facebook. It would be nice if I had gotten specifics but they will not provide….you just get some generic response….oh well, I can go without them….

  • K9-Preservation

    You cannot

  • K9-Preservation

    Think you are right

  • K9-Preservation

    Went back into my account after suspension removed to try and figure out why I was suspended in the first place. I did not break any of their rules. Since I am a conservative and follow the same type of individuals or groups, it seems apparent twitter, being from San Francisco, would prefer that all of be from the political party which leans waaayyy left, the democrats. Well, I am a conservative living in CA and do not agree with the direction of CA and the country is currently going in. I am completely opposed to the current administration, as many others are, and this is why I got suspended without a doubt. We do not live in a free america, things have changed in the last 5 years and it is only going to get worse………I expect another twitter account suspension and when it happens I will just go elsewhere. Just kind of a heads up from my perspective….sad, real sad to see this country moving towards destruction…..

  • Aysh

    hi. joind twttr ystrday. i followd 10 or 15 people coz they askd me to and tweetd “jus gttn strd”. today i found my account suspended. i wanna know whethr there r chances for ur account to get unsuspended. if so how long would it take?

  • Toosexyforyomama

    Great service! Especially having me confirm that I understand what I haven’t been told (like, what I did wrong), just to find… Nothing. I guess they expect me to just wait and see if my account gets “unsuspended”.

    Seriously, they don’t have to be such dicks about it.

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  • birdcage

    hey,my account got suspended not even an hour after I made it and all I did was follow 6 people and post a picture about Larry Stylinson(Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) I don’t know what happend?

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  • Guest

    My account got suspended today, and released not more than 15 minutes after submitting the ticket. Thank you, very helpful information, and twitter rocks.

  • Ven Christian Lamigo

    Hey, my account was suspended. It has been almost 1 day. I already sent the ticket and they reply but after I reply to their email, I don’t receive any email from twitter. How long should I wait until my account unsuspended?

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  • Xtine

    I guess the twitter suspension now has changed . My account is suspended and I can’t do anything about it.

  • andyyo

    Now (as of August 2014), you can’t even appeal a suspension:-

    “We’re currently unable to accommodate individual requests for inactive
    or suspended usernames. We may release all inactive and/or suspended
    usernames in the future, but have not yet set a date for doing so.”

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  • http://www.instagram.com/almighty_howard FinessNigga

    How long do I got to wait on my twitter account to get unsuspended?

  • Elizabeth

    you all probably deserved it. go outside and talk to some real people rather then hiding behind your computer.

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