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  • Tatiana

    Hi, Everybody here is just winning and I think WTF! You guys don’t add any value to resolve this problem.
    Let me tell you my story:
    I taught my account got suspended because even though I could log in Twitter won’t let me tweet, RT, or share.
    What I did prior to this semi-suspension is:
    1.- I wanted to delete old tweets and I used… Tweet delete and because they just delete ONLY the last month of tweets I tried Tweet deleter and it was more of the same.
    2.- I enable Twitter Cards
    Does anybody know if doing these 2 actions led to the suspension or limiting the use of Twitter?

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  • http://waystomakesite.com Sagor Al Mamun

    Thanks for your post. My twitter account got banned few days ago. So I’ll follow your steps to get it back.

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  • ron44

    i filled out various tickets with no answers and no results. they are silent so i assume i have lost my account for good. some bone head and how friends at MSNBC all blocked and reported me because i challenged their facts on Ferguson. Twitter didn’t like it

  • ron44

    I noticed some time back that i kept on loosing numbers ands seeing numbers listed for me that looked funny..i had been suspended before when i hit 2k on followers. i lost most of them over the newt week while i was gone.

  • Jenny Lynn

    Because you’re a typical f*cking n!gger

  • ray

    Aaron my Twitter account was suspended. I think it’s because I was sending insults to people I don’t like, under a fake fictional name. I also send some semi nude photos of women to women I know. I know, its bad, and so it seems that they complained and now I have my Twitter account suspended. I don’t want to appeal because I don’t want to reveal my identity. So my question is, can I open another account with a different email and this time my real name?

  • Ann Blake

    I’m a senior citizen, got tablet for Christmas, no idea how to use, kids set up Twitter using fictitious character “Aubie the tiger” I guess people thought I was a spy that’s what they said about others. One guy said he was going to clean house and proof I can’t find my account.

  • http://beyondthehedge.co Tom Zbaren

    Thanks for this post. I think my situation is a little different, but maybe you can help. I just started using manageflitter and sent about 50 @mentions last night. Now I get the “this request looks like it might be automated. Looks like I’m not actually suspended. Do I just sit tight for a day then go back, but with much more mild behavior?

  • http://appearoo.com/JesseGarboden Jesse Garboden

    Luckily my account has never been suspended. I tend to be very conservative with growth on any social network. Number one rule I have don’t follow more than a few per day. Slow very high quality grow is better than very fast growth. That is what I have been doing for a while. If you got banned you deserved it… unless if was politically motivated. Or you were trying to grow faster than what that social network things you should be allowed to.

  • Anon Ymous

    Idiot, Marxists are friends of all minorities except Jews. They hate us for some reason.

  • Anon Ymous

    Maybe because you are impersonating a celebrity.

  • Jazmine Yancey

    twitter (like most things) is run by a bunch of assholes

  • squireparty

    I agree. I want nothing to do with Twitter any more.

  • Sarcastic Guy

    You must be the aggressive police. Lol.

    You are aggressively unfunny.

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  • D.O

    Hey, thanks for the help but when I clicked the link your telling the link doesn’t come out or it said “this page has been removed”. So I can’t click the link you have given. Please help and reply quickly.


    Nice step : – Wait for 24 hours

  • Hasuha Magamadov

    It’s old. Links doesn’t work, like Twicket.

  • Hasuha Magamadov

    And Twitter ignors my ticket.

  • Liza Tayusueva

    i think it’s once and forever.

  • Julie Louise White-Stremfel

    same with me and nothing

  • Julie Louise White-Stremfel

    They did it to me, I was getting 60 new followers a day. Hell I thought that was a great thing…What’s up with Twitter?

  • Julie Louise White-Stremfel

    That is messed up and not right at all

  • Julie Louise White-Stremfel

    I was only doing the right thing by following back the ones that followed me. How would they say it’s aggressive following? They didn’t even tell me why. I just found out maybe why from reading everyone else’s complaints. I wasn’t so nice when I sent my complaint in so I guess I’m screwed