6 Clever Ways to Use Twitter to Get Your Blog Noticed

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This is a guest post from Standford Smith (@pushingsocial) from Pushing Social. In this post, Standford explain how we can use twitter to get our blog notice most of them even if your blog is new.

There’s a myth that says that you have to slog it out in the blogging trenches for at least a year before you see significant traffic to your blog. To be fair, that may have been the case a few years ago.  But now, with Twitter, it’s very possible to launch your blog and attract some crazy traffic within months rather than years.

Now you can jump in the middle of highly targeted conversations, rub elbows with mega-influencers, and watch your posts go viral with a single tweet.  You don’t need PPC or a giant email list.  All you need is persistence, good manners, and some clever tactics.

I’ve seen it happen first hand.  My blog Pushing Social started in April 2010.  It already has 300 visitors a day, averages 50 retweets a post, and attracts bunches of influential twitter followers. Not bad for a 5 month old blog.

Here’s the kicker – My only promotion method has been Twitter.  Here’s how I did it:

#1 Participate in Tweet Chats

Almost every night of the week, hundreds of people are getting together and exchanging tweets in Tweet Chats.  These chats are labeled with a hashtag such as #blogchat, #techchat, and even #dogchat. The moderator asks a question, everyone tweets a response.  You join in by answering questions and adding the hashtag to the end of your tweet.

Just find a chat in your niche, show up, and start tweeting.  You get to share your blog’s URL at the start of the chat and chatters usually follow fellow participants AND visit their blog.

#2 Follow and Retweet Links for 10 Niche Influencers

Find the movers and shakers in your niche.  These folks are usually the ones with a large following AND are included on a large number of lists.  For example: @AskAaronLee has 140,947+ followers and is listed on 4,535 lists a clear sign that Aaron can move some serious traffic with a single tweet.

Once you’ve created your list, go follow each person.  Now keep an eye on their tweets and retweet whenever you can.  The idea is to get on their radar screen.  Once they notice you – they are likely to retweet one of YOUR links – putting your blog on the map.

#3 Directly Ask Influencers to Mention Your Posts

Be careful with this oe.  Although it is extremely effective it can backfire if you don’t use sound judgment.  Here’s the best way to do it.  Take at least two weeks and make a point to leave great comments on your influencer’s posts and retweeting their links.  After two weeks, consider Direct Messaging  (DM) the influencers that follow-you with a request to tweet about your post.

Only do this once or twice a month.  If you abuse this you’ll just get unfollowed (or blocked).  Also make sure you are only requesting a mention for your very best posts.

#4 Follow-up On Mentions

Soon you will get people mentioning you on Twitter.  When you see yourself mentioned, immediately follow the person mentioning you.  Follow-up and answer any questions and if they retweeted you then DM them your thanks.

I also suggest you visit their blog and read through their recent posts. This will put you on the person’s radar screen and increase your chances of getting retweeted and promoted in the future.

#5 Include URL when welcoming newcomers

As you get new followers, take the time to write each a personal welcome.  Along with your welcome include a link to your About Us page or your latest blog post.  Keep this up as long as you can.  Warning, don’t auto-direct-message your new followers.  It’s rude and sends the wrong message.  No greeting is better than offending a potential influencer with a impersonal Auto-DM.

#6 Be Generous

I’m still a fan of #ff (Follow Fridays). But, I would suggest your pick 4 or 5 key influencers and write a 120 character tweet that explains why you are recommending them for #ff.  This makes your tweet stand out and will certainly catch the attention of the person you are recommending – driving traffic to your blog.

Can You Do This?

If you are launching a blog then give these techniques a try.  Which ones do you think you can use right away?  Are you already using any that are showing results?

Stanford Smith obsesses about how to get passionate people’s blogs launched and noticed at Pushing Social…when he’s not fishing for monster bass. Follow him to get his latest tips.

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