5 Must Have Twitter Tools For Your Business

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Going through the list of twitter tools as recommended by blogs I notice many recommending a lot of tools which for me is not necessary.  Some blogs recommends 30 twitter tools for businesses . For me. All you need is a few. If you want to have a successful business using twitter you got to follow the KISS rule. KISS rule means KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID rule.

So what do you need for your business to be successful on twitter? That depends if you’re a big company or maybe you’re a small business owner. So I’ll list out tools for local businesses up to big businesses.

I only recommend using FIVE tools if you really want to have a successful business on twitter. The FIVE tools are:

1. Monitter


Why Use It?

Monnitor has a function that I really like. Which is you get to monitor THREE keywords from your area. You get to select your the location and the tweets within the location. Eg: 3km from Dallas. Why this is good? You get very targeted potential customers from twitter. Maybe they’re looking for a place to eat you can tweet them to drop by your restaurant.

2. Tweet Grid

Why use it?

Tweet Grid is like monitter but with monitter you get to view only three keywords but with tweet gird you get to monitor a lot of keywords at the same time.Tweet grid is the more advance version of the monitter. Maybe you want to follow targeted followers or get tweets regarding a tweet for coffee. You can follow coffee, coffee tips, coffee help, I want coffee.. etc.. Or maybe monittor starbucks, coffee bean, gloria jeans. Or perhaps restaurants around your area.

3. Cotweet

Cotweet is currently on beta mode so its still free. I’m not sure how much they will be charging for their service in the future but I’m pretty sure they will charge them. Cotweet tagline: How Business Does Twitter. It helps you to manage few accounts up to setting up scheduling tweets.

Its so good even twitter themselves are using it.

4. Tweetbeep

Tweet beep is the google alerts for twitter. Its simple and efficient.If you don’t have time looking at the screen what people are talking about your business or looking for potential customers why not have them sent to your email instead? Tweet beep does it for you.

5. Twitter Search

Last but not least, twitter search engine. My favorite to get a quick search for anything. As a business you can use this tool to search about what people are talking about you. All you need to do is insert your keywords and search. I will take more about using this tool for your business in the future post.

For the mean time you can play around with these five twitter tools.

This is part II of the Twitter For Business Series. If you miss part I 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Twitter. Do read it.

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