3 Ways to Get a Twitter User’s Attention

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Want some attention from a  twitterer/tweep/twitter user or a person who tweets? Not getting any attention from them? Great! I’m going show you some which helped me to get some attention from other twitter users, whether they are influential or not. Some of them WORKED on me when others got my attention.

Some have asked me in the past on how they can get followers. Simple. Follow others, question is. How do you get other twitter users attention? Following is just the first step. Getting their attention is the second.

1) Retweets

Retweets are the best methods to get another twitter users attention, question is what do you retweet?

  • Blog Post

I know everyone been telling you that retweets get attention from other twitter user. Truth is they DO get attention from them. Some of the stuff that I say to everyone is that retweet someone once, they will notice you. Retweet them a few times and they will remember you. Why? This is because your avatar is appearing on their timeline more often than usual. This works on some and doesn’t work on some simply because some twitterers are busier than others. So what do you do is.

Retweet them first. Then send them another tweet after that retweet telling them what you felt about their blog post (if that is their post) or thanking them for sharing their article. This will make your tweets appear TWICE on their timeline. Some other effective ways are to ask them how is their day (you have to mean it of course) That will put them in a position to reply to you (most of them do)

I did some test on this (I am a test freak to make sure it works) so I created tested on an unknown twitter account which I have to do “test”. I retweeted a blog post from a blogger, and I send them a tweet saying that I enjoyed reading the article, etc. I also followed them on twitter before after that.

What happened: The blogger replied to me and thanking  and followed me back.

Do: Be sure to start with a @username *message*
E.g.: @askaaronlee: Love your blog post on 3 Ways to Get a Twitter Users Attention. Thanks for sharing.

Don’t: Retweet then leavet a message: RT How to: *love your blog post*

Eg: 3 Ways to Get a Twitter Users Attention @askaaronlee love this article mate, thanks for sharing

  • Quote from their blog post

I found this really good. A few days ago I decided to take one of the most important lessons which I got from a blog post and tweeted it and saying “by @username” A few others retweeted that and the person thanked me for tweeting it. I notice that this works because quotes don’t have to be read like blog post. They stand out by itself, and its unique compared to other people retweeting similar stuff.

2) List

Now list works! Know the people who you want to know. Create a list so that you can follow them like a “snake” Most of them will tweet other stuff besides their blog post so do comment on them. Don’t just post “LoL” or “good day” give some thoughts and replying to them.

Build an engagement with them. Do it often and they will notice you. Most of the people will tweet about personal stuff. If they do, reply to them. If they post a question, reply to their question. If you don’t know then recommend someone on by replying to them that user can help them.
All you need is for them to follow you. Then you’re in the circle.

3) DM, DM, DM

I used to think that DM’s are scary! However, I reply to most of my DM’s. A funny thing was I was following someone for some time now, but we’ve not taken the chance to DM each other. So I decided “why not?” I should just send this guy a DM. Funny thing was he replied telling me he always wanted to DM me too. So stuff worked out well there.

Sending a direct message and thanking people for retweeting a particular blog post works too. I had some thanking me in directmessage before, and they got my attention. I did send direct messages to others as well thanking them for retweeting my post blog.

So there you go, three methods that helped me to get attention from other twitterers. There are more ways to get their attention. This are all what you can do to get their attention on twitter. Check out my blog post at best blogging tips online and check out how do you get attention from other bloggers.

What are your thoughts on this? What are other ways that you have used in the past or used now to get attention from other twitter users?


Update:  Mark Tripp aka @trippy64 on twitter read this article and sent me this tweet. Mark put it into practice and this is what he have to say.

  1. Mark Tripp
    trippy64 @AskAaronLee Cool article on getting twitterers to notice you! Guess I’m putting theory into practice!!! :o)
  2. Mark Tripp
    trippy64 @AskAaronLee I’ll give it a go, thanks Aaron! I’ve had way more responses today so far than ever!!!

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  • http://twitter.com/mikelking Mikel King


    Yet another fantastic article. I have been saying for months reminding my tweeple to follow their retweeters. I know this philosophy has worked wonders for me. I also agree with the listing advice 100% there just isn’t a better way to follow and filter people.

    On issue I personally have with DM’s besides the usual auto-DMs and SPAMy DMs, is the ones from celebs. I’ve found that many celebs will resort to DMing which is difficult in replying if they do not follow you back. I personally find this practice a little distasteful. Mostly because they send a ‘private’ message and deserve a private response but you are completely unable to give them that courtesy because they have not allowed you to. I know it isn’t just celebs that do this but they are the worst offenders.

    Anyway I’ve rambled on long enough. This is a great post.

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  • http://twitter.com/PTheWyse Praverb

    Thank you for this information. Retweeting definitely works. I have noticed that some of the top tier marketers stray from adding the original source. Is there a reason why the original source is omitted?

  • http://This1That1Whatever.com/ David Wong

    When I get retweeted, it gets my attention so I would agree that retweeting others will get their attention.