Social Media Epic Fail Award 2012 … and the winner is….

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No matter how much you plan for something, things tend not to go according to plan. Today is all about having fun and gaining insights from some campaigns, tweets, and situations that went horribly wrong this year. After the laughs settle, the hope is that it will help all of us avoid similar situations for the coming year. You ready? Let’s count it down to our first ever Social Media Epic Fail Award 2012. … [Read more...]

What a dog rescue taught me about business

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A few weeks ago someone posted a photo of a dog with a limping leg begging for food from people in the streets on a page called Malaysian Dogs Deserves Better, a non profit helping and rescuing dogs. He was in bad condition and was in desperate need of help. Since I live only 30 minutes away from the area, I knew I had to step up to help rather than wait for someone else. The following day Jin Lee (my girlfriend) and I went to the place described in the photo. We searched high and low for the … [Read more...]