Best tip one can give you about social media

best tip social media

Growing up, I wasn’t the most popular kid in school and I chose to be that way. I never felt the need to blend or fit in with the crowd. I never followed what people perceived to be ‘in’. I never tried to be someone else despite the negative perceptions I get from people about the friends I mixed with or what decisions I chose.   … [Read more...]

Top 3 Lessons to Learn from Pro-Bloggers

lessons from professional bloggers

This is a guest post by Vivik Krishnan. Professional blogging has hit the internet industry in a big way. While some are only mulling about it as a career option, some have taken the plunge into blogging a  big way and making a living out of it. Anyone looking to become a professional blogger in the coming future should learn these 3 lessons from existing professional bloggers. It is what they do differently which makes them so successful while others remain mediocre. … [Read more...]