You’re not Seth Godin, so get working

social media effort

Warning…. rant ahead.. sorta..  Everyone wants to achieve greatness but how many of us are willing to put the work to be one step closer to it? One of the common mistakes that most individuals or businesses do when they go on to social networking sites is thinking they are Seth Godin Wouldn’t it be […]

Twitter 101: Everything You Need to Know about Twitter Marketing

twitter 101 everything you need to know about twitter marketing

When I started using twitter 3 years ago, I was using it for personal reasons until I saw the potential of how it could be used to connect with others on a personal as well as professional level.

The ugly side of social media

yin and yang social media

Chinese philosopher believes in the concept of yin-yang which means “shadow and light”. The concept discusses about the natural balance of the world, that shadow can’t exist without light which means that for every positive there is a negative.