It’s impossible to follow 130,000 people on Twitter, but I do it anyway.

twitter numbers

When I started using Twitter back in 2009, there were many strategies to manage the size of your account. Some teaches you to not follow your followers. It seems that having many followers while following as little people as possible reflects authority. “Twitter Gurus” were even preaching that we should follow as many people as […]

How @ModCloth is dominating social media


One of my followers pointed me to ModCloth, an online women’s clothing and accessories company. ModCloth focuses on independent and vintage-inspired fashion founded by two sweethearts from their college dorm room. Since then I’ve had my eyes on them. ModCloth, in my opinion, ticks all the boxes as to what it truly means to be a social […]

Get yourself a portable computer

Toshiba's Portege Z830 ultrabook

A laptop is one of the most vital pieces of technology. Get yourself one! Why? Because you deserve it. I used to love my desktop. I had a laptop too, but I prefer my desktop because it feels good to have something anchored and unmoving. I’ve since migrated to love laptops due to my work […]

This is not the way you should automate twitter


That is what Acura (or whoever is behind the account) about to learn as they “spammed” the wrong person, David Meerman Scott author of several marketing books like Real Time Marketing and PR. (great book and this is not an affilate link) Oh.. I think its going into his book in the future too. What happened? […]

Where do you blog the most?

toshiba ultrabook z830

Other than the Smartphone, the laptop is the second most versatile piece of technology that exists today. With the ever-growing range of portable computers that allow business owners to bring their work where ever they are, we tend to forget that the laptop is an amazing technological feat. The best thing about my work is […]