Giveaway: Are business cards important? YES!


I remember attending my first social media conference back in December 2010. Days before the conference, I had butterflies in my stomach because I’ve not been to ANY conferences at all. I imagined so many weird scenarios happening in my head. The worst part is, I made a huge mistake by not having enough business […]

Google plus is dead?


Oh noo… google+ is dead! Or is it really? Recently Stuart Duncan, my favourite G+ user, shared his two cents on why people felt Google+ is dead. It made PERFECT sense.

10 Creative Examples of Facebook Brand Cover Photos

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This post was originally published on iStrategy Conference where I contribute on a weekly basis. Check their blog for more marketing tips from experts around the world.  Yup, we’ve talked about it. Facebook has finally turned all of our Facebook pages into the latest timeline format. If you have not read much about the timeline yet, I […]

3 gadgets every small business owners should have

small business gadgets

Hello friends, look at your gadgets, now look at mine, now look at your gadgets, now back at mine. Sadly, your gadgets aren’t mine. If you use gadgets like mine, you could be like me. But you don’t need to be like me. Be YOU. You’re perfect the way you are. Wait, don’t click ‘X’! […]

13 Sh*t people say to entrepreneurs


Sometimes advices come from the love of our family and friends not wanting us to get hurt or afraid we might fail. Sometimes advices come from people who doesn’t want to see us successful, or jealousy, or afraid that one day, WE will be more successful than them. Starting a business from scratch or going […]