3 simple tips to increase engagement on your Facebook page

increase engagement facebook

Here is the hard truth…your customers don’t want to hear about your products 24/7. When you constantly talk about your products, people will simply ignore it. And when people continuously ignore it, guess what? Facebook edgeerank algorithm kicks in and your post won’t appear on the newsfeed. It may seem unfair that Facebook gets to […]

A day in a life of a social media expert


According to a research done by AAL, there are a billion social media experts on the internet. Do you know what do they do on a daily basis? After “interviewing” more than 20 (actually none) experts, this is what I found out.

How to handle negative comments on social media


I remember going through a meeting with a client and remembering that they didn’t want to be on social networking sites because they didn’t want to get negative comments or feedbacks. The thing is, whether or not your company is using social media, someone is talking about your brand on social networking sites like Yelp to review their […]