Creative way to automate your twitter account for success


Remember the unspoken rule which says that you “shouldn’t automate your Twitter account”? We’ve all read that one before, but today I’d like to prove to you that you can actually automate your Twitter account.... with a little bit of creativity. For some reason my attention is always drawn towards how airlines are using social media. Maybe it’s because I spend countless hours searching for affordable fares and promotions to satisfy my hunger to travel. I love to check out the numerous … [Read more...]

7 tips to humanize your brand on Facebook


Facebook is a personal social network, it’s where friends and family stay in touch, connect, update each other, etc. It was never made for business (until not long ago). However many marketers and brands treat it as another advertising medium to promote their product. Ssssstoopp it.. After starting a new brand on Facebook for my business, and learning from other brands, I thought I should share some methods that I’ve found to be effective in getting people to notice your brand. … [Read more...]

5 Social media trends that will lead 2012.


Oh no, not another 2012 social media trends prediction post. This is different because I have time travelled back from the future to warn you about what is going to happen this year. Hopefully, telling you this won’t change the future and causing ‘ the butterfly effect’ to happen. It was scary enough to see Ashton Kutcher “almost” giving a guy a..... you know what! So what’s big this year? Almost the same as last year, actually. However we’ll see a few areas which will be more concentrated … [Read more...]

Failure is not doing


Its 2012 friends! Will 2012 be the end of the world? I doubt so, then again I could be wrong :P. Its great to start a new year fresh! I don’t have a new years revolution set but I do have goals that I want to achieve in 2012. I was able to achieve some last year and I’m making 2012 my “redemption year”. What about you? Whatever you’ve decided or plan to achieve, I’m going to say something which may sound cliche...... just do it, better yet do it TODAY. In my honest opinion, there is no … [Read more...]