My Honest and Unbiased Review of Sprout Social


Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid to review this, I review this on my own free will and nobody put a gun at my puppy head asking me for a review. (oh don’t get any ideas) If you notice at the side bar, there is an image from Sprout Social, that is because I know some people from […]

6 Unofficial Ways to Increase Your Klout Score


Oh no… not another klout blog post!! YES! another one. Several months ago, I had my internship in Singapore and I didn’t really have much time to tweet, so I expected my klout score to decrease. It fell from 80+ to 72 within a month. (Little tweets and engagement in a month) So I thought it […]

Five reasons to and five reasons not to hire an intern for your social media


There are ongoing debates about hiring an intern to handle your social media presence or to handle your companies social media account. Some may say that they should hire an intern because they know Facebook, and because of that they will make them a great social media manager as they are the experts. However, that […]