How To Run A Successful Social Media Competition

Hit or miss!!

The following blog post is a guest post by @KieraPedley. Kiera is the CCO (Chief Caring Officer) at Binkd home of the Binkd Promotion Platform. Not to mention a great friend! Enjoy! Running a social media contest or competition can generate you some quick fans, and build your email list up, and drive quality, qualified, interested traffic to your […]

How to: Monitor your twitter followers – Part 1

Clear Radar Screen

Below is a guest post contributed by Patricia Garza Monitoring twitter followers can be tough. With the amount of importance and emphasis of online marketing through social media, it’s time to actually start getting smart about it. While I do believe it’s better to have tweeted and lost followers than to have never tweeted at […]

Likeable Social Media book review by @DaveKerpen


Disclaimer: Dave Kerpen is a personal friend of mine whom I’ve got connected to thanks to social media. I finally sat down on my butt and finished Dave Kerpen’s The Likeable Book. From the front cover it says that it will teach you how to delight your customers and create an irresistible brand. I’m sure […]