The Power of Earned Media


The following blog is a collaboration between me and my editor. There are three general types of media today. There is media that a company can control, namely Owned Media, where a company fully controls its contents and the type of message that it wishes to spread to its customers. Simple examples of a company’s […]

How will social search affect businesses


Over the past few months, search engines like google and bing are integrating social into their search engines. After reading some articles on social searches, it got me thinking about what is the future of searches be? How it will affect businesses? “Google is taking those social circle links at the bottom of the page, […]

Focus Friday: The importance of responding in social media

customers support us airways

In today’s focus Friday, we look at the importance of responding to tweets. Depending on the industry you’re in, some tweets require quicker or faster responds. According to eezeer, 85.9% of tweets to airlines are customer service related, therefore if you’re not responding, chances are you’re losing your customers TODAY. To support that, a report […]

14 nice things you can do for your customers using social media


Without customers, your business will never survive, I was inspired by a blog post by Ian Lurie, where Ian wrote about nice things that businesses can do for their customers, so I decide to write about how you can do nice things for your customers with the help of social media. In no particular order, […]