Focus Friday: Pretzel Crisps Personalizing an Experience


Today Focus Friday is on how Pretzel Crisps is using social media to connect with twitter users and bloggers. This experience was shared from a wonderful friend of mine, Jean aka @geekbabe that I’ve met on twitter, she actually blogged about her experience in her blog.

What is twitter all about…. to me?

twitter about

Everyone uses Twitter differently, and I can’t really tell you what it is about generally. However, I can tell you what Twitter is to me, personally. It is about connecting with people (guess you figure that out). It’s about building new relationships with people that you’re not able to do on other social networking sites, […]

Sunday Coffee: Willis Wee Co-Founder of Penn Olson


Welcome to another Sunday Coffee. Last week we had an amazing talk with Leon, co-founder of Bufferapp. Today we have another special guest with us, Willis Wee. Willis is the co-founder of Penn Olson, Asia’s fastest growing blog with over 600,000 page views a month covering web, mobile, as well as start-ups in Asia. Penn […]

Focus Friday: Humanizing your restaurant to respond to bad reviews

reviews social media

Today’s Focus Friday is dedicated to all the restaurantpreneurs (restaurant entrepreneurs) in the industry. This post was inspired by a tweet I had read a few days ago, Don Power from Sprout Social shared an interesting tweet from @FrankieJgrande about a bad restaurant review. In his tweet, Frankie wrote about the bad food and services […]

Snoop Dogg is the Doggfather of Social Media Experts

snoop dogg twitter

@SnoopDogg just got into my “celebrities that know the true value of Twitter” group. Not that I have a real group. I personally think not many people understand the true power of what social media can actually bring to them, unlike Alyssa Milano, Cory Booker, Aston Kutcher, etc.  Charlie Sheen is not in the group […]