Most frequently asked questions on Twitter


If you don’t already know, I have a column on iStrategy conference blog every Friday where I respond to questions about Twitter. One of the most frequent questions I get is “how do I get more followers”, which I did answer in the iStrategy blog, but I have decided to answer them in this blog […]

The Video that discovers Twitter’s world

Twitter's five years old

Today is twitter’s fifth birthday! Happy Birthday twitter! WOW is the word I would use for Twitter’s fifth-birthday video. I watched the video several times and the astronaut’s view of Earth amazes me every time I watch it. It inspired me to write this post. What can we learn from the video?  I would like […]

Automation on Twitter: Should you do it?

twitter automation

The following post is a guest post by Leon Widrich, an active commenter and contributor on Leon is also the founder of BufferApp. Enjoy the post. Cruising through the twituniverse has quickly become my favourite activity online. One discussion regarding Twitter I have led many times and found well worth sharing with you, centers […]

How To: Expand Your Twitter Tribe


“The tribe has spoken; please leave the tribal council immediately”. To most of you who have watched Survivor, the reality show, would find this familiar. What is the first thing that comes through your mind when you talk about a tribe? Most of the time, it reminds us of people or groups of people living […]

What they didn’t teach us about influence in school

make a difference

Could you influence someone on twitter? When someone posted a tweet and no sales or donation come through, would that make that person NOT influential? Maybe. Would someone who has 1000 followers have more influence than someone who has 10,000 followers? It is possible. There are a lot of talks, in blog posts, podcasts etc, […]