What Are Your Social Media Goals?

#12 - Goals

You log into twitter and facebook everyday, and everyday you read tweets, you comment on your friends facebook wall, you retweet blog post, at the end of the day, what are your social media goals? What are you trying to achieve from social media? A tweet caught my attention recently. It was from Jerimiah Owyang aka @Jowyang, in his tweet, he mentioned that if we post 20 tweets a day we should blog and pay ourselves first. It got me thinking about the amount of time that we spent on social … [Read more...]

Research.ly offers a more complete Twitter experience


When you were only following 10 people, Twitter seemed so peaceful. It was so quiet that you could hear the sound of a penny when it falls on the ground. Then when you started following back everyone or started to follow more people, it may sound as though you’re in a mall… unless you have a Twitter list. You could only have up to 20 Twitter list and, at 500 people per list, you could only list 10,000 people at most. … [Read more...]

Say GOODBYE to Celebrity Marketing and say hello to PEOPLE marketing


The DAWN of the social media marketing Once upon a time, there was a distant; far away period on Earth where celebrities rule the planet with their faces plastered on posters, billboards, magazines, and last year …TWITTER! These celebrities were paid a huge amount of money in exchange for endorsements, and even to post sponsored tweets on Twitter. (Companies should have paid me… kidding) … [Read more...]

How To: Go back to the old method of browsing photos on facebook


Have you noticed your pictures on Facebook now come with a black background and toned-down, faded colors around the screen? Well say hello to the theater mode. One of my pals @alexfei told me that he didn’t like the new methods of browsing Facebook photos, while we were discussing about facebook new theater mode. So I have decided to find ways to return the old way of browsing Facebook photos and avoid the new theater mode which many don’t find useful… sorry MARK! Method 1: Hit the F5 or … [Read more...]

Is The Now Revolution Book for you? My personal review


Disclosure: I won two copies of the Now Revolution Book which was sent to me. Thanks for picking me as one of the 75 people. One copy will be given away. Continue reading. I received the book last Friday; I was extremely happy and quickly dove into the book straight away and finished it today. My  summary? When I started reading the now revolution starting in Shift 1 (One of the seven shifts), I was actually thinking where the book is going because it’s actually talking about the people in … [Read more...]