5 Reasons Not to Give Up Your Blog because of Twitter


Have you been neglecting your blog? Are you spending time on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter trying to "master" the way to make money and not spending time on your blog? Maybe someone told you that blog's are dead and its time to bury it? @Markwschaefer wrote a blog post regarding this topic before. I took a short quote from Mark's blog. … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Get a Twitter User’s Attention


Want some attention from a  twitterer/tweep/twitter user or a person who tweets? Not getting any attention from them? Great! I’m going show you some which helped me to get some attention from other twitter users, whether they are influential or not. Some of them WORKED on me when others got my attention. Some have asked me in the past on how they can get followers. Simple. Follow others, question is. How do you get other twitter users attention? Following is just the first step. Getting their … [Read more...]

Growing as a Blogger and as a Person.


You are the greatest YOU that you will ever become. The best way to predict your future is to invent it. Lessons I learned while watching The Opus. Few days ago I received an email from Danny Brown, someone who I look up to as have the up most respect for. Danny invited me to be part of his blogging community at best blogging tips online. A blog dedicated to helping bloggers and building a community for bloggers by bloggers. I gave it many thoughts, and I decided to jump into the pool and … [Read more...]

Google Should Partner With Twitter Instead of Buying


Business insider wrote an article that Google should buy twitter a while ago. Although I think acquiring twitter will be a good move for Google, I doubt twitter would ever consider selling. In my opinion, partnering will be a better choice for Google. Although we understand the term "everyone has a price" I doubt twitter are considering to sell their business seeing that they have a lot of plans in the coming future. (hint: more monetization). … [Read more...]

How To Win Friends and Automate People using Twitterfeed

twitter addict

This is a guest post by Dino Dogan, Founder of Dogan Dogs and 2WheelTips . Dino posted a guest post on this blog before on How Do I Start Blogging in 10 Steps or Less? In this guest post, Dino is going to teach us how to automate people using Twitterfeed. You can follow Dino on twitter: @dino_dogan Manually tweeting new posts by my favorite bloggers has seriously started cutting into my “me” time. For the last few months I’ve been trying to figure out a way to auto-tweet newest blog posts … [Read more...]