How To: Increase Your Klout Influence on Twitter

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Mum! I’m influential on twitter…. well… according to klout influence score I am. First of all I don’t really know how true the klout level is but I think it should give a rough idea on influence on twitter. A month ago my klout level fell from 79 to 68. after an update. I expected […]

Everything You Need to Know about The New

twitter egg

Earlier this morning (in Malaysia) twitter announced that they were going to roll out a new version of its web interface. This means people who are using the web interface at will see the difference while people who only depend on 3rd party applications will not.  Not every account will get the new interface […]

Do You Have a Twitter Buddy? Here are 3 Reasons To Have One.


I read a blog post by AnnabelCandy who wrote a guest post at problogger about having a blogging buddy. You know what? I recommend finding a twitter buddy instead. I am thankful to have found twitter and I managed to make great friends who I have the utmost respect for and be able connect with […]

7 Numbers That Matter on Twitter


Chris Brogan wrote an amazing blog post about the number that matter. The examples that he gave was number of hugs you distributed today, number of meals you ate with people you love, number of times you promoted someone else and many others. It got me thinking about the numbers that matter on twitter. Is […]

Is Social Media a Fad?

9-3-2010 12-06-48 AM

Is social media just a passing fad? A fad is a trend, like a fashion trend. Will it die? My answer…. NO it won’t “die” and social media is no fad. Social media instead is a fundamental change in how we communicate. It might even change how we communicate in the future too, since we […]