Should You Accept Guest Posts on Your Blog?


I was commenting on a blog about social media burnout. It was a blog written by Niall Harbison from Simply Zesty, on the blog I told Niall Harbison that guest posting from great bloggers helped me avoid getting burnout because I get to do other things, concentrate on other stuff like assignments, get time off […]

6 Clever Ways to Use Twitter to Get Your Blog Noticed


This is a guest post from Standford Smith (@pushingsocial) from Pushing Social. In this post, Standford explain how we can use twitter to get our blog notice most of them even if your blog is new. There’s a myth that says that you have to slog it out in the blogging trenches for at least […]

Growing Your Business Presence on Twitter

8-21-2010 5-31-41 PM

I’ve been working with a client of to build their presence of twitter. They had a brand new twitter account set up and had a few strategies that really worked out well for them. In two weeks time we’ve build up a small interest of people who are currently following them and their blog. So […]

The 5 Things I Notice about Twitter – and why it is awesome


This is a guest post from from Henry aka @thephattay. He’s fairly new to twitter and he is here today to share the things he notice about twitter and why he find it interesting.. ohh by the way, he’s also my room mate. A Review about Twitter from the eyes of a beginner 1 – […]

Blogging: How Do I Get Started in 10 Steps or Less?

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This is a guest post by Dino Dogan, Founder of Dogan Dogs and 2WheelTips . In this guest post, Dino is going to teach us how to start blogging in 10 steps or less. Dino also prepared us an audio version for us to take it on the go. You can follow Dino on twitter: […]