[VIDEO] How To Use Twitter For Business


I posted a couple of videos before for the twitter for business series. This is a great video on how businesses should use twitter in their business. As you know twitter is a perfect fit for individuals, consumers and businesses. Anyone can use twitter.  I've gave 10 reasons why businesses should use twitter before and this is a step by step guide. This video guides you from creating account to how to find what people are talking about the brand to replying customers. Although this is a short … [Read more...]

An Inside Look at One of Twitter’s Amazing Influences @adamsconsulting


It is an honor to have a dear friend of mine Diana Adams or more well known as @AdamsConsulting on twitter in my blog doing this interview with me. Her true understanding of social media using twitter is remarkable. Behind the great smile is a great person who's heart is gold helping people when in need. Diana is one of those people I consider knows how to use twitter to the fullest. No wonder she is one of the top most retweeted person under the category of Tech having nearly 60,000 retweets … [Read more...]

The 6 R’s of Twitter


After getting inspired by a blog post of a great guy I know on twitter @DannyBrown who wrote about I's of social media in his blog post Putting the I in Social Media. I decided to write my own personal version of twitter. "Putting the R in twitter". I'm just kidding, mine is about the R's that personally helped me a lot in twitter and I feel it is something all of us should have. Sure we don't have to follow all the R's of twitter. However I think that there are a few that we should all follow. … [Read more...]

Why Twitter and Blogging Go Hand in Hand


I don't think that twitter will ever replace blogging or people will stop blogging because they are on twitter. I think twitter and blogging go hand in hand with one another. Twitter will always have that 140 characters limitation and I don't think they will increase the number of characters because 140 is actually the ideal number and its enough. So here are the reasons why I think twitter and blogging go hand in hand … [Read more...]

How To: Find The Hottest Tweets on The Web

hot coffee

It's hard to find tweets on twitter when so many people are posting tweets at the same time. I personally use a few methods to look for tweets. One of them is using list that I created to follow 250 twitterers which are interesting to me and has great tweets to share. I also follow conversation on my other list as well. Today I'm gonna share with you how you can find the most popular tweets on the web. On of my favorite method is using Chirrps. Chirrps used to be known as DailyRT but they … [Read more...]