Uniqlo Lucky Line Viral Twitter Marketing

5-26-2010 5-12-15 AM

So many brands struggle with Twitter Viral Marketing that you might now think that it is impossible to trend on twitter. It is easy to go viral on twitter but to be the top trend on twitter? It is a whole different story. One of the trending topics  today is uniqlo lucky line. Uniqlo is […]

How Four Seasons Hotels Use Twitter

four seasons twitter

Four Seasons Hotel has showed that businesses should use twitter. I love to follow stories on how companies are integrating twitter or social media in their businesses. I wanted to cover this story earlier but @dannybrown did an amazing job covering this story in his blog post Four Seasons Hotel and the Art of Social […]

4 Mistakes New Twitter Users Make


Everyone makes mistakes on twitter, I did too when I started to use twitter back in March 2009. My mistake what not having an avatar (I was camera shy then… kidding). I came up with 4 mistakes which I notice a lot of new twitter users make. 1. No avatar This is one mistake no […]

10 Reasons Why I Personally Recommend CoTweet


As you might notice on my twitter feed that I use cotweet and web to send out tweets. I have tested many different 3rd party apps such as tweet deck, hootsuite, and many more but I prefer cotweets than all the other 3rd party apps. I also recommended this tool for people who have a […]