Twitter: The New Customer Service For Businesses

ford customer service

Aren’t we all use to the phrase “The customer is always right.” Customer service has evolved since twitter has been used for customers services. In the past, we had to send an email or submit a ticket with our problems and wait for hours or even couple of days to get a reply. If we […]

Never Ending Debate: Quality Vs Quantity Followers

quantity vs quality

There will never be an end to the debate whether quantity of quality followers wins. Sure there are debate that you should not follow more than 100 followers, or 200 followers and for some you should follow whoever follows you except those who spam. It is never going to end as everyone have their own […]

How To: Search Twitter and Facebook At The Same Time

5-29-2010 8-36-31 AM

Now you can actually search twitter and facebook at the same time. This is good for individuals who are looking for people who have similar interest or businesses who want to spy or learn about what people are talking about their brand. All you have to use is kurrently. Kurrently is a real time search […]

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

facebook infographic

I’ve posted infographic on facebook before, but I’ve found another done by They have done an amazing job creating this infographic about facebook. You might have already know  some of them, but I am sure there are a few that you probably didn’t know about. I get really excited when I read infograhics because […]

Facebook Versus Twitter in Business

twitter versus facebook

Is there a difference between facebook over twitter in business? Does you business use one or the other or both? Some businesses concentrate on using only twitter and some concentrate more on facebook. For me the combination for both facebook and twitter is the best combination. Understanding the two platforms helps you understand the strengths […]