How to: Check How Engaging You Are on Twitter


Are you engaging enough on twitter? Or are you ignoring all the tweets that people are sending you? I found a way to check how engaging a twitterer is. Best part about this is that you can check how engaging are other twitterers are well. All you need to use is Tweet Stats. Tweet Stats not only allows you to check how engaging you are but also graph your twitter stats such as Tweets per hour, Tweets per month, and Tweets timeline … [Read more...]

Demographic Of The 7 Hottest Social Media Sites [Infographic]


Have anyone wondered how old is the average users of twitter or facebook? I have found a great infographic by FlowTown that has the answer to all the questions. One thing great about these demographics is that almost everyone can use it. Normal people to marketers, it is easy to understand. According to PingDom the average age for social media sites are the following: … [Read more...]

How To: Track Who Favorited Your Tweets

4-25-2010 6-19-36 AM

One of my friend Nicky aka @rocksstar10  asked me the other day how to check or track who favorite her tweets. I showed her how by using a website which is able to check twitterers who favorite tweets. Its a simple web based website which is able to check the popular tweets which are favorite as well as people who favorite your tweets. All you need to do is go to. … [Read more...]

Caution: Mind-Blowing Twitter Infographics


There is no doubt that Twitter has become part of everyone daily life including mine. Twitters growth has certainly been impressive since last year and it is continuing to grow by gaining at 300,000 new users a day according to their founders. I am sure that this is just the start for twitter. With their latest features like @anywhere platform I am sure twitter will continue to grow. So lets take a look at twitter's latest infographic of their facts and figures. Thanks to @G_Obieta for … [Read more...]

Turn Follow Friday Into Smiles and Blog Traffic


Follow Fridays on twitter is getting a little crowded with people recommending in bulks without any reason why one should follow them. I did a post about how to do a proper follow friday on twitter. Which taught people about doing follow fridays the right way. Of course one can follow that method but the reason for this post is about turning follow friday into smiles while getting traffic and retweets. Its the four in one kind of post that you can use every friday. When you recommend someone … [Read more...]