Warning: Amazing Facebook Facts and Figures Overload Ahead!


Facebook is one of the most amazing company and social media site. They proved it by ranking the 2nd most popular website behind Google. Another amazing thing about Facebook is their  facts and statistics if you don't know about it already. How legit are the facts? You can actually view most of the facts at facebook's stats page where they list out almost everything from the 400 million active users that they have to the average time people spent on facebook. A great way to pull in advertisers? … [Read more...]

How E-Moms Use Facebook & Twitter To Stalk Their Child


Today we're lucky to have a guest blog post from Willis Wee. An author from Penn Olson who took the time off his busy schedule to write for us an interesting blog post.. Follow @williswee for more social media and marketing snippets" I have always thought to myself: "What's the point of having private tweets when you're on Twitter and don't wish to connect. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?" If your mum is stalking you on Twitter, you don't have a choice. And what's most frightening is when … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Twitter!


Cake Anyone?? Can you believe that the micro-blogging service Twitter is already four years old? Well, it’s true. Although not many people knew twitter existed then. Four  years ago from today, Twitter Co-founder  Jack Dorsey together with Evan Williams, Biz Stone  sent their first tweet. This is what they said... Jack Dorsey aka @Jack … [Read more...]

How to: Use Twitter Search Effectively

twitter search

Are you using twitter search at all? Fortunately, using Twitter search is extremely simple if one knows how to. What people usually do is key is what we want to search and click search. Most of you will find that those kind of search are cluttered with so many tweets but what if there is another way to search twitter quickly but more effectively as well? Today I am going to show you how to use twitter search efficiently … [Read more...]