50 Most ReTweeted Twitter Users of All Time

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What is a retweet? A retweet something created by twitter users themselves. Its a way people use to share what they like from other twitterers. The top retweeted twitter user on twitter will be @RevRunWisdom who has 2, 547, 051 retweets! Yes 2 MILLION retweets.  So who are the top 50 Most ReTweeted Twitter Users of All Time? Here is a print screen of the most retweeted people on twitter of all time. … [Read more...]

5 Must Have Twitter Tools For Your Business


Going through the list of twitter tools as recommended by blogs I notice many recommending a lot of tools which for me is not necessary.  Some blogs recommends 30 twitter tools for businesses . For me. All you need is a few. If you want to have a successful business using twitter you got to follow the KISS rule. KISS rule means KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID rule. … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Twitter

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Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV If you don't know, companies have already started using twitter as it is the new way to promote, connect and brand a company. In my last post I mentioned if your company is not using twitter then your company is going to miss out be crushed. So why bother using twitter for your business? Even twitter themselves know about the power of using twitter for business that they've set up a special twitter 101. Here is what twitter says … [Read more...]