Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk Book Review

crush it gary vaynerchuck

I seldom do book reviews although I love to read but since this is about me ranting about twitter and social media.  Then this is something everyone should read. No matter if you're an individual, a company or a brand and if you're not using twitter then you're missing out a lot. A book that I really want to recommend if you're into social media is to read Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk aka @GaryVee … [Read more...]

To Schedule Tweets or Not?

twitter rules

I was reading a blog post called Is Auto-Tweets A Dirty Word by Diana Adams aka  @adamsconsulting. Ask anyone on twitter and they will relate auto-tweets to spammers or bots etc... However if you read the article you'll find that there are a lot of benefits of using scheduled- tweets (auto tweets) Here are a few by @adamsconsulting taken from her blog post … [Read more...]

Birth of Foreign Language Trending Topics

korean trending topics

If you've been on twitter you'll know what is trending topic is all about. Today I noticed new trending topics on twitter and it seems like its becoming a trend now. Japanese trending topic was reported by @Muzachan where she wrote on her blog taking about the first japanese trending topic. Today, Twitter got its first Trending Topic in Japanese!The trend lasted about 5 hours (between 11 and 16 GMT) and the message was RTされた回数だけ腹筋!さぁ来い! translatable with “ I will do sit-ups as many times … [Read more...]

Twitter Finally Improved Their Suggested List

twitter suggestion

Twitter have finally improved their suggested list from the old suggest list that suggested random celebrities and people. The new suggested list is based on topics or categories. Therefore rather than following everyone on the list. Now new twitterers can follow according to a category. Below I have the screen shots from the old suggested list and the new suggested list. … [Read more...]