10 Reasons Why Twitter Is Here to Stay

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To those still thinking twitter is a waste of time, twitter will not last long, twitter trend will die soon enough! Then this is for you. Twitter latest unique visitors reported at techcrunch is twitter hit 75 million unique visitors in January 2010.

Here is a graph I made out of microsoft words a comparison betweet twitter unique visitors in January 2009 which is around 6 million visitors compared to January 2010 73.5 million unique visitors. That is a growth of 1,105 %. If you’re still not convinced twitter is here to stay then look at the amount of tweets

How much tweets? 1.2 billion Tweets in January, 2010. That is more than the population in India. Still lesser than the population in China but I’m sure they will reach that amount soon.

Here are a few reasons why twitter is here to stay

1. Twitter is now a daily routine. People tweet even before they brush their teeth in the morning.

2. People made too many friends to leave twitter

3. People don’t want to be separated from their CELEBRITIES on twitter. Especially Justin Bieber @Justinbieber

4. People can’t stop talking about the people they met on twitter.

5. Celebrities can’t stop asking people to follow them on twitter on tv

6. People got used to talking about their life on twitter.

7.  Media can’t stop talking about twitter.

8. Twitter has just begun doing some changes to improve users

9. Twitter gets the latest NEWS faster than any media.

10. Peer pressure because EVERYONE you know is on twitter.

Source: Techcrunch

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  • http://www.betterbloggingforbloggers.com/ Liane

    I might be one of those people who started the whole “peer pressure” thing on Twitter. lol

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  • http://rmilana.com rmilana

    so agree,it is proven that twitter faster than any news media for example. a bomb blast tweet,a death of celebrities,earthquake etc.
    even people will do tweet watching,especially during a big event like Grammy,Olympic etc.

    Great Post Aaron!


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  • http://shirleyszone.com/ Shirley

    I think those who think Twitter is just a fad need to see this post, so that they get their notions (negative notions, that is) they have about Twitter corrected.

    Great post, Aaron :).

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  • http://www.faceglobal.com David Stern

    About reason #9 – sometimes Twitter is the main or even the only source of a news item, like the riots in Iran on 2009. Reporters were not allowed in, and the news got out only through Twitter. The Iranians tweeted texts and pics from their cellphones and nobody was able to stop them.